TASCAM Intros Compact MZ-123BT Commercial Grade Multi-Zone Audio Mixer

TASCAM has announces the new MZ-123BT commercial-grade multi-zone audio mixer. The compact, single rack space MZ-123BT builds on the feature-set of the 2U MZ-223, adding Bluetooth-functionality and an intuitive front-panel control design and layout that makes it as easy to operate as it is to install and set up.

Three music playback input channels, including one AUX/Bluetooth input, as well as two mic input channels, allow for a wide range of background music and announcement routing possibilities. This enables discrete mixes of background music and announcements to be routed to individual zones in a wide range of commercial applications, including retail, restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels.

Stereo LINE inputs one and two (RCA, unbalanced) allow connection of source components such as CD players for distributing music or ambient sound playback. The channel three AUX/Bluetooth input enables an additional audio source, such as a tablet, smart phone or other device, to be connected via Bluetooth or 3.5-millimeter mini plug.

Three pairs of stereo balanced Euroblock output connectors are provided on the back panel, along with a MONO/STEREO configuration switch for each output.

Each audio program input channel features a front-panel selectable zone routing button (one, two or three) with volume control. Channels one and two also feature PEAK and SIGNAL level indicators. When selected, the zone routing button assigns the selected output and/or MIC signal to the desired zone.

A dedicated front-panel Bluetooth antenna helps ensure stable connectivity when streaming content, even in commercial environments where wireless connectivity can become problematic due to interference and bandwidth limitations.

Versatile mic input connectivity options further sets the MZ-123BT apart. Two mic inputs, both with back-panel Euroblock connections, facilitate announcing or talkover functionality. Additionally, mic one offers a front-panel XLR-TRS combo jack for easy connectivity. Both mic one and mic two support +48V phantom power connectivity.

Input signal for both mic one and two can be assigned to any of the three individual zones for announcement or talkover functionality in that particular zone. An intelligent talkover feature automatically recognizes mic signal level and attenuates background music levels in the targeted zone during announcements. Back panel control of threshold and time can be adjusted to set the point of attenuation and restoration of background audio post-announcement.

Additional back panel installation settings and controls include a three-band EQ with low, mid and high adjustments, gain level setting for Euroblock mic inputs and PAD, high pass and talkover on/off switches.

The TASCAM MZ-123BT will be available through October with a UK MSRP of £479.00 inc. VAT. More information is here.