Tascam Adds a Vamp Playback Function to Their Latest Live Recording Mixer Model 12

Model12 front pr

Watford, UK, 1st July 2020–In music, “vamping” means the repetition of certain phrases or improvisation over a repeated phrase. With the built-in recorder in the Tascam Model 12, you can now mark up to ten such phrases per song, which can then be played repeatedly during playback. This allows the musician to better practice difficult passages or to extend solos and interactions with the audience during a live performance for as long as he or she wishes. The repetition of individual intervals starts either automatically or manually and can be interrupted by pressing a button or footswitch, after which the piece continues until the next marked interval.

The Tascam Vamp Playback function is part of a firmware update to version 1.10, which also brings new features for the metronome: On the tempo change menu page, you can now turn on the click for easier adjustment, and there are three volume options for the accented note of the click. There is also a new sound pattern with four bars for the count-in.