Targus Shows USB-C Universal Docking Stations and More at InfoComm 2021

targus infocomm 2021

Targus is at InfoComm with a host of universal docking stations, dock accessories and antimicrobial tech accessories that stay protected against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Key products on display include:

  • USB-C Universal Quad 4K (QV4K) Docking Station with 100W Power Delivery (DOCK570USZ): Boost productivity with the universal dock equipped to power a device while connected to your most important peripherals and up to four 4K monitors. ($482.99).
  • USB-C Universal DV4K Docking Station with 100W Power (DOCK190USZ): It comes with two ultra-high-def monitors that can be plugged into the Thunderbolt-3-compatible dock and supports both DisplayPort and HDMI. ( $344.99).
  • Antimicrobial Tech Accessories, including a variety of mice, keyboards, styluses and tablet cases, are treated with an antimicrobial additive under its DefenseGuard Antimicrobial Protection product line to create a cleaner surface and continuously protect the device by preventing the growth of microorganisms throughout the life of the product.
    • Ergonomic Foldable Bluetooth Antimicrobial Keyboard (AKF003US) unfolds for typing on the go. ( $34.99)
    • BlueTrace Wireless Antimicrobial Mouse (AMW584GL), featuring the latest BlueTrace technology, combines the power of optical technology with the precision of laser technology for remarkable tracking on almost any surface. ($39.99)