Take Your Kids to Work Day: Passing on AV Knowledge to Younger Generations


Today is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day!  About 37 million parents and children will be participating in this day, all around the world.  For over 22 years, families, organizations, individuals, and workplaces have joined in on TODASTW to transform the lives of millions of boys and girls.

It is important for children to see their parents’ professional roles, but it is also very important to show them the value of their education, while helping them to discover the power and possibilities connected with a balanced work-family life.  Most importantly, today provides kids with an opportunity to envision their future and begin steps toward their end-goals in a hands-on environment, which is key to their success.

For all of us in the AV industry, it is crucial that we, as parents/mentors, pass on AV knowledge to younger generations today and every day.

Kids are now utilizing technology in the classroom, making technology the cornerstone to learning. Evolving with the latest technology ensures that kids have access to many of the most groundbreaking individualized and interactive teaching modalities. This increases individual understanding as interactive lessons generally illicit greater learning.  Technology also allows kids to find additional information, in addition to what is already taught to them. This can create a larger or deeper understanding of a concept or topic.

Also, technology teaches kids how to work virtually with others. Learning this at a young age is very important since it mirrors trends in virtual collaboration in the corporate world. Technological jobs are becoming more and more prominent, and by teaching kids at a young age the importance of utilizing technology when working, that gives them the stepping stones to success for later on in life when entering the workforce.

Lastly, passing on AV knowledge to the younger generations keeps parents aware and current on technology. This makes parents better able to monitor and influence their children’s technology based activities.

Technology will be constantly evolving, as will children, making technology knowledge a very important factor in their success in the future.

Tell us: How important do you believe it is for parents and mentors to pass on AV knowledge to their kids?