Say HaLow: There’s A Tougher Wi-Fi with Less Power, More Range


Wi-Fi has been the dread of most professional installers who would usually rather lose a finger than predicate any of their solutions on wireless. If Wi-Fi 6 from CES 2022 doesn’t convince the wire-pullers, then Wi-Fi Alliance has another runner to put in the race. Kiss weak Wi-Fi goodbye and say hello to HaLow from […]

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5G and Wi-Fi 6: New Wireless Technologies Offer Advantages for AV


Two new wireless technologies are offering potentially important advantages for the audiovisual industry. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 have slowly become released and used over the past year. These technologies will both continue to spread in 2020 and beyond. Many of us have likely heard of 5G as it’s been regularly in the news over the […]

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Luxul Intros P40 AC1200 WiFi Bridge + Range Extender


Luxul today announced the availability of its follow-up replacement to the P30 wireless extender, the new P40 AC1200 Wi-Fi Bridge + Range Extender. The P40 features leading-edge 802.11ac dual-band technology to deliver data rates up to 1200 Mbps (300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz band and 867 Mbps on 5 GHz band). The P40 offers an […]

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Wi HaLow There!


The Internet of Things (IoT) just got one step closer to reality. The Wi-Fi Alliance recently approved a new low-powered long-range Wi-Fi standard they are calling 802.11ah or HaLow for short. Announced at CES this year, this new standard promises to make IoT possible on a large scale. One of the biggest hurdles to IoT […]

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FX Luminaire Drop-in LED Lamp Converts Incandescent Fixtures to LED with Luxor Compatibility


FX Luminaire announced the release of the new ZD MR-16, a high-quality drop-in LED lamp that converts incandescent fixtures to energy-efficient LED fixtures. When connected to a Luxor ZD transformer, the ZD MR-16 adds zoning, dimming, and Wi-Fi control capabilities to any brand of low voltage incandescent landscape lighting fixture. The ZD MR-16 is compatible […]

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SureCall’s Fusion7 Boosts Cell Phone Signals, HDTV Signals


SureCall is introducing the Fusion7, a signal booster that simultaneously enhances reception for all U.S. wireless carriers, while also boosting Wi-Fi and locally-aired HDTV signals. SureCall says Fusion7 will be available at the end of Q1, 2015, and will be priced under $1,000. Fusion7 uses a five-band cellular booster technology that delivers PCS and cellular […]

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The Case for Home Theater Ethernet


Most middle class homes have multiple mobile devices floating around. From iPod Touches to smartphones, tablets and laptops, the average family has quite a few gadgets relying on its Wi-Fi wireless connectivity to get to the internet and consume social media and streaming content like video and music. Many consumers don’t realize that there’s an alternative to Wi-Fi called Ethernet. […]

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InfoComm: Wireless AV: What’s the Best Way to Do It?


By Tim Kridel Special to InfoComm International Cutting the cord can be a great way to eliminate trip hazards, add network connectivity to a new camera or display or eliminate an unsightly rat’s nests of cables. But going wireless can also create headaches if the design and execution aren’t spot-on. The AV industry has a […]

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Wi-Fi On the Sea


If you do any marine business at all, you realize one modern problem of yacht owners is how to stay connected with the Internet. The tragic disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 underlined for the public that there are still places on the high seas that are unreachable by what we think is our ubiquitous […]

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Savant Intros Self-Configuring Remote


Savant Systems introduced this week the Wi-Fi-based Savant Universal Remote. This remote is designed to control an entire AV system, including distributed audio, lighting, climate control and other features within a residential or commercial setting. Similar to Savant’s existing user interface options, the Savant Universal Remote is self-configuring once connected to the network, eliminating the […]

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Savant Releases Wi-Fi Lighting Control System


Designed for residential and commercial applications, Savant Systems announced this month its new SmartLighting Wi-Fi 802.11-based lighting control products, a solution that can be used as either a standalone lighting control platform or as part of a complete Savant automation system. The system uses a dimmer inside each Wi-Fi-connected keypad. Once the keypads have been […]

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