Biamp Systems Announces New Paging Input Options and Adapters for VoIP and Analog Paging Systems


Biamp Systems today announced the launch of Vocia 1.6, a significant addition to the company’s networked public address and voice evacuation system. Vocia 1.6 provides three new hardware devices — the eight-channel Vocia Input (VI-8) for analog and digital paging inputs, the VoIP-1 telephone-paging adapter and the POTS-1 analog telephone-paging adaptor. A large number of […]

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Biamp Debuts New Vocia Paging Station Kit


Biamp Systems today added to its public address and voice evacuation system, Vocia, with the PSKIT-1 interface kit and 1.5.2 software. The PSKIT-1 is a standalone paging station kit that allows for direct connection to third-party equipment, such as legacy paging stations and fireman’s microphone panels. The PSKIT-1 features embedded DSP and on-board memory to […]

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Biamp Systems Introduces Vocia 1.2


This month Biamp Systems introduced the release of Vocia 1.2, an upgrade on Biamp Systems’ critical paging and life safety system and one of Biamp’s newest networked media systems. Compliant with current stringent life safety standards, such as EN 54-16, Vocia 1.2 provides improved scalability for seamless integration in almost any size facility, and delivers […]

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