Runco Intros Outdoor LCD TVs


Runco has announced the addition of two new flat panel outdoor LCD displays to its Climate Portfolio weatherproof series: the CP-42HD and CP-52HD. Both HD displays offer a weatherproof cabinet, optional Runco ColourPalette custom finish options and Runco says they can handle temperatures and climates in all 50 states of the US. The 1080p native […]

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Insight Media Claims 50 Million 3DTVs to Be Sold in 2015


Insight Media, the leader in Emerging Display Technology Market Research, has issued an authoritative new report — 2010 3DTV Forecast Report: A Comprehensive Worldwide Forecast of 3D Television Unit Sales by Region and Technology.  The report finds that nearly 50M 3DTVs are expected to be sold in 2015, rising from 3.3M 3DTVs in 2010. “Insight […]

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Olympics’ TV Goes 3D


Since the 1939 Olympics in Hitler’s Berlin, the worldwide event is a natural draw for new broadcast technology transition. And, like color TV and the more recent HDTV that followed some 40 years later, technology transition for the broadcast industry is often slow in coming, due in part to the expense of ramping up the […]

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The Buzz May Be 3D TV, But the Real Honey is Elsewhere


Nobody doubts the biggest buzz coming from CES was about 3D TV. Everyone was impressed with the new-found commitment that major manufacturers made to adopting 3D. Few will dispute the “inevitability” of 3D TV. But I want to make it clear that 3D was the buzz and not the honey of CES. Sure, there were impressive 3D TV demos from Panasonic, […]

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