My Interview with TJ Adams and Chris Humphrey of QSC

June 8, 2016

QSC used last year’s InfoComm to launch themselves into the installed systems meeting room market with Q-SYS. They are at InfoComm 2016 continuing that launch with their collaborative solutions to address web-cam conferencing as well as more meeting room products. I caught up with QSC’s Director of Installed Systems, TJ Adams, and VP of Marketing, […]

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AV -Is- Making the Comeback With IT (and IoT)

January 13, 2016

OK, so before you go saying AV/IT and the -c- word (over ten years going now) is here, hold on a minute. I read in many corners of the industry, as well as hear the discussions that AV – we still have a problem. IT is laying in wait and even moving into our territory to do […]

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Driven by the AV and IT Life

January 7, 2016

After completing the first show of the new season of rAVe Radio’s AV Power Up with great guests Cory Schaeffer, TJ Adams and Joey D’Angelo at QSC, it got me to thinking about my standing in the industry, as well as my thoughts about it. These three individuals who have major profiles in the industry […]

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Anatomy of the Podcast – Part 2: AV Power Up (A Great Year in Review)

December 16, 2015

I pick up in Part 2 with the show that has certainly been a large part of my year in 2015, working with some of the best and most dedicated people I have ever come to know. When you talk about a team, the AV Power Up crew embodies that term – in fact so much […]

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rAVe ProAV Edition — Volume 13, Issue 22

November 19, 2015

For all you regular reader of rAVe news out there, you may not realize this, but twice a month we publish rAVe ProAV Edition an email newsletter packed with opinionated news and product stories about the ProAV industry. The most recent edition, Volume 13, Issue 22 includes an editorial from Leonard Suskin about designing AV systems, On Single-Source AV […]

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It’s More Than the Network

November 6, 2015

By TJ Adams Director of Installed Systems Products Management, QSC Let’s be honest — there are a million ways one could describe AV and IT integration. It’s true that in this day and age, we can now control just about every device via the network, make our phone calls via the network and route our […]

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rAVe Founder Gary Kayye Gets Scoop About QSC’s Entry Into Meeting Room Market

June 17, 2015

QSC’s Joe Pham, president and CEO, and TJ Adams, install DSP project manager, took time to talk with Gary about their new CORE product line that moves them from just being a staging audio company to a meeting room systems company. In addition, this video gives insight into what QSC has planned for the future […]

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