Texas Instruments Unveils Smallest HD DLP Pico Chipset

Today at Mobile World Congress, Texas Instruments released the 0.3” HD Tilt & Roll Pixel (TRP) DLP Pico chipset, its smallest, most power-efficient micro-mirror array. This chipset can generate high-definition (HD) displays from compact electronics, including tablets, smartphones, accessories, wearable displays, augmented reality displays, interactive surface computing, digital signage and control panels. The new 0.3” […]

Texas Instruments Unveils Smallest HD DLP Pico Chipset

TI Demos Pico Projection at CTIA

Texas Instruments showed at the CTIA wireless convention in Orlando a prototype of a teeny tiny DLP projector that the company expects to be used as a stand-alone or as an embedded feature to be included in mobile devices, such as cell phones and PDAs. Naturally, it’s a DLP device. It will be a long […]

TI Takes New Digital Cinema Chip to ShoWest

Texas Instruments introduced the .98 DLP Cinema chip at ShoWest. The new .98 DLP Cinema chip is comparable to the original 1.2 DLP Cinema chip introduced in 1999, optimized for screen sizes up to 40 feet. The .98 chip, though, is smaller and outputs up to 18,000 lumens. Digital Cinema is a technology that we’ve […]