Contracting Staff for Three Months at Churches


In my experience, churches need professional training over time to grow their volunteer tech teams. Selling contracted professional services for extended times helps address this huge need in the house of worship market. On-Site Training for Three Months 1) Mentoring by a Pro — There’s something powerful about being invited and asked to participate in something […]

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Selling to Churches? Create Social Media Campaigns


There’s been a real push for brands to engage on social media. Whereas the Internet gave voice to the masses, social media has created something more: personal availability — which can even be accomplished by a brand. To ignore the unprecedented growth of this communication medium is perilous to any brand, but perhaps worse still […]

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Industry Trade Shows: The Golden Ticket


Manufacturers, rep firms, consultants, integration firms and freelancers all attend the same shows, year after year with the differences between exhibit floors all a similar blur. Orlando. Las Vegas. Long Beach. Dallas. Atlanta. The cities change, but the conferences begin to take on a one-ness to those who regularly attend either as an exhibitor or […]

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Syncing Church Services


By Anthony Coppedge As the multi-site church movement continues to expand like wildfire, another trend has quietly happened simultaneously, albeit with much less fanfare: multi-venue churches. Whereas the multi-site model has seen the most growth with large, well-funded churches, offering multiple services — or even multiple service styles — simultaneously has gained traction in even […]

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