What Is Smart? 


Defining the word that has had so many meanings over the past one hundred years. By: Kate Couch Audio Visual Bend “Okay, Einstien.” “That was smart!” “Your baby is so smart.” These are all common sayings we’ve heard that center around the idea of smart or intelligence. But what is smart? As we progressed further […]

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Technology in Society and Its Impacts on Architecture Projects


By André Luis Atique EletroEquip / AW Digital Technology changes society in several aspects, transforming how it relates, providing information, providing entertainment and evolving culture and habits. Thinking about it, holistically analyzing the hierarchy of needs of Abraham Maslow, the human being has five basic needs. For each one of them, there are related applications, […]

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Recharge Centers: Technology’s Influence on Our Moods and Emotions


According to Kenny Chesney, “We all have a song that somehow stamped our lives, takes us to another place and time,” I know that I certainly do. But can technology do that too? Here are the facts: We know that numerous studies have shown the effect of technology on teenagers, along with the results of […]

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The Evolution of Technology Spaces


Evolving how we understand and design collaborative spaces One of the most consistent things we see in corporate facilities/classrooms/lecture halls worldwide is that they have been equipped with some manner of technology package that is there for the users of that space to better communicate with others. And one of the most consistent things about […]

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The Irony of Technology Obsolescence for AV Vendors


AV companies have instant information about their product sales right at their fingertips. However, those same AV vendors have little to no visibility into the effect of marketing on tracking the reach, engagement or conversions on those same product purchases. The result is ironic for the AV industry: marketing technology obsolescence due to artificial intelligence […]

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Situational Awareness, Part 2: The Technology Lag Factor


Scott Brinker, editor at chiefmartec.com, better known as the Chief Marketing Technologist blogger, said in a recent post, “The funny and frustrating truth is that organizations change (far) more slowly than technology.” In fact, the speed of technology uptake (or change) is usually a fraction of the speed at which the technology is actually evolving. […]

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Automation & Integration Rule The Nation


It’s 2018, cars drive themselves and run on electricity. We carry around at least one smartphone at all times and they are more advanced than the computers we used to send humans into space. Personal assistants are now virtual, built into watches, phones, tablets, computers, electronic accessories and they’ve got built-in artificial intelligence. Facilities, buildings […]

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Carlo Ratti of MIT Opens ISE 2018 With a Talk About the Future of Cities


By Rebeccah Musson Carlo Ratti, one of the 50 most influential designers in America, talked this evening about the future of cities. The change from traditional cities to smart cities is occurring today and the industry is working through how the change will occur. Carlo explained the only four numbers that matter in regards to […]

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Asking Churches the Right Questions


I’m not a fan of link baiting titles (“Five ways to better…three steps for…”, etc.) but I was tempted to entitle this article “The Five Questions to Ask Churches” because, well, that’s what I’ve written about. However, there’s a warning that comes with this article: These are not sales techniques, but are a paradigm shift […]

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Desired Outcomes and the Fallacy of a Quick Fix


When a church technician asks a question about video, are they also thinking about lighting? As the saying goes, ‘without light, it’s just radio.’ In online forums or at conferences, I’ve heard the same type of questions focused around a specific technology, narrowly focused on one aspect when the bigger picture needs to be considered. […]

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Little-Known Prysm Launches New Laser-Based Technology


Prysm (formerly referred to as Spudnik), officially released their Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) rear-screen projection technology last week.  LPD is a totally new technology taking aim at the current market dominance of DLP in large venue applications – and, although not a CEDIA channel product yet, there will eventually be applications for it in large-format […]

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