Synthax and Ferrofish Announce New Verto Series Dante Digital Converters


Synthax, the Americas distributor for Ferrofish, has introduced the new Ferrofish Verto 32, Verto 64 and Verto MX Dante format converters. The Verto 32 and Verto 64 offer ADAT (32×32 or 64×64 channels) while the Verto MX has MADI. With the ability to easily integrate ADAT and MADI into an existing Dante network, the Verto converters feature word […]

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Synthax and RME Announce Major Firmware Update for ADI-2 Pro


Synthax has announced an update for the RME ADI-2 Pro AD/DA converter. Besides correcting a least significant bit error in the input channel 2 (analog right) and an invalid mixer parameter, the new update extends the ADI-2 Pro’s functionality. In addition to a new DSP code optimization (rewriting and restructuring parts of the DSP code to lower system […]

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Ferrofish B4000+ Organ Module Delivers Classic Sound in a Compact Form Factor


Synthax announces the Ferrofish B4000+ Organ Module is shipping. Featuring nine real drawbars, high resolution endless potentiometers, and a TFT display for clear feedback of the various parameters, the Ferrofish B4000+ delivers authentic sound emulation thanks to to a combination of Sharc DSP processing power from Analog Devices and a Cortex 3 ARM processor. The Ferrofish B4000+ Organ Module features […]

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Synthax Announces New RME Digiface USB Portable Digital Audio Interface


Synthax has announced the RME Digiface USB Portable Digital Audio Interface. Featuring four optical ADAT /SPDIF inputs and outputs plus an analog line/phones output via TRS (tip-ring-sleeve), the new RME Digiface USB is a compact, portable digital audio interface that can also serve as a basic headphone amp for mobile use. The new RME Digiface […]

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Ferrofish Announces Debut of the Ferrofish A32 AD / DA Converter With Dante Support


Ferrofish has launched the Ferrofish A32 AD / DA converter with support for Dante audio networking. The new Ferrofish A32 Dante supports nearly every audio format and handles 64 channels of MADI I/O, 32 channels of ADAT optical I/O and 32 channels of analog I/O. Additionally, any ADAT optical connector can be used alternatively as […]

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