SynAudCon Releases New Online Training Course for Speech Intelligibility


SynAudCon released a new online training course, “Course 140 – Speech Intelligibility for Public Address Systems.” The new course will be available online through the SynAudCon website here. Course 140, “Speech Intelligibility for Public Address Systems,” is designed for audio professionals who install public address systems. The course is approved for Renewal Units and CEDIA […]

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Learn To Optimize Sound Systems With SynAudCon In-Person Training


SynAudCon has THE TOP audio training program in the AV industry — I know, as I’ve been. And, they just announced that registration for its three-day Sound Reinforcement for Technicians (SRT) seminar, held in Dallas, Texas on Oct. 6-8, is now open. SRT instructor Pat Brown provides a presentation along with interactive “hands on” exercises. […]

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SynAudCon Announces Fall In-Person Training Schedule


Synergetic Audio Concepts (SynAudCon) announced its in-person (remember, when there was no need to say “in-person” with regard to tech training — it was once all in-person) seminar schedule for fall 2014. Sound Reinforcement for Technicians (SRT) is a three-day seminar that covers the theory behind how sound systems work and demonstrates how to use […]

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SynAudCon Announces Spring 2014 In-Person Training Schedule


SynAudCon is renowned for its real-world audio educational offerings through web-based and in-person training offered worldwide. SynAudCon will offer the three-day “Sound Reinforcement for Technicians” (SRT) in Portland, Ore. on Feb. 24-26, 2014 and again in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 2-4, 2014. SRT instructor Pat Brown provides hands-on exercises which allow attendees to use a […]

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