DiGiCo Delivers Stealth Core 2

July 15, 2016

DiGiCo’s Stealth Core 2 is an upgrade to the Stealth Digital Processing for its SD series digital mixers. Claiming to significantly enhance processing from the audio core of DiGiCo SD series consoles, it’s available as an upgrade option for existing users and shipping as standard on new consoles. Features of the Stealth Core 2 include […]

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DiGiCo Releases Stealth Core 2 for SD5 and New SD5cs System

March 31, 2016

DiGiCo announces the last in its series of Stealth Core 2 upgrades, releasing additional processing for the DiGiCo SD5 and new SD5cs consoles, which will take them to a new level in terms of both processing channels and functionality. The SD5 upgrade will include: An increase from 124 channel strips to a maximum of 253 […]

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DiGiCo SD11 and SD11i Receive Stealth Core 2 Upgrade

March 29, 2016

DiGiCo’s SD11 and SD11i may be small in size, but they are already a powerful solution that works for just about any mixing environment. With the addition of a Stealth Core 2 upgrade option, these tabletop mixing solutions won’t get bigger in size, but they will in power. The SD11 upgrade will include: An increase […]

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DiGiCo SD8 Gets Stealth Core 2 Upgrade

March 14, 2016

The DiGiCo SD8 and smaller framed SD8-24 both just got DiGiCo’s Stealth Core 2 upgrade.With Stealth Core 2, SD8 adds the following features: An increase from 60 channel strips to 120 An increase from 24 output busses to 48 + Master + 16 x 16 Matrix An increase from 12 to 186 DiGiTuBes An increase […]

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