Mackie Extends SRM Portable Series With 1200W SRM1550 Subwoofer


Mackie just launched a new subwoofer built from the ground up to be the companion to its SRM450 and SRM350 powered loudspeakers, dubbed the SRM1550 Portable Powered Subwoofer. Featuring a powerful 1200-watt amplifier, custom high-output 15-inch woofer, digital variable crossover, the new SRM1550 is front-ported. Equipped with stereo XLR inputs, full-range and high-pass outputs, the […]

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Mackie Ships 1000-Watt Loudspeaker Systems


Mackie is shipping the re-designed SRM450 and SRM350 High-Definition Portable Powered Loudspeakers. Both are 1000-watt amp platform designs and feature some custom audio tools that Mackie says simplify setup and produce results not found in any other speakers at this price. Choose between four application-specific speaker modes, each re-voicing the SRM to sound its best […]

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Mackie Launches SRM450 and SRM350 1000W Portable Speakers


Mackie has announced new portable speakers, the SRM450 and SRM350 models, which are spec’d at 1000 watts with custom drivers. Featuring two new audio tools, these new SRM speakers can simplify setup and produce results that Mackie claims simply not found in any other speakers at this price. You can choose between four application-specific speaker […]

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