Spectrum Industries Debuts AV-Ready Lectern Aimed at Education


Spectrum Industries just introduced its newest lectern, the SLIM Lectern. The SLIM Lectern is Spectrum’s thinnest lectern that claims to be able to convert any classroom into a lecture hall. Its two shelves can store and hold laptops, iPads and other learning materials and it features AV cutouts and racks for integrating any third-party AV […]

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Spectrum Industries Creates Two Collaborative Makerspace Carts


Spectrum Industries Inc. has announced the Builder Cart and the Discover Cart as the newest additions to its makerspace product line. Spectrum’s Builder Cart is height-adjustable and features two flip-up shelves along two slide-out shelves, providing endless collaboration opportunities to occur among students. In addition, the cart’s small footprint can hold a large amount of […]

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Spectrum Industries Intros EM Wireless Charging Pad for Tables or Lecterns


Spectrum Industries just launched the new EM Wireless Charging Pad. Once the EM Wireless Charging Pad is installed into one of Spectrum’s tables or lecterns, place a phone or computer on top of the pad and the device will begin to charge through electromagnetic fields. This charging pad allows any device that has Qi technology […]

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Spectrum Industries’ Offers K-12 Classrooms More Color Options


Spectrum Industries has expanded its Expressions Line now offering new color options for its products.  Added to the Expressions Line were five new colored laminate and eight new metal finishes options. The new metal color additions include spectrum blue, yellow, signal red, light blue, orange, lime green, white and warm gray. With new metal choices, Spectrum’s products now have greater flexibility […]

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Spectrum Introduces Pivot Jr. Workstation


Spectrum Industries has introduced the Pivot Jr. Workstation which offers height adjustable features, mobility and flexibility for this product to be used as a student desk or small lectern. The Pivot Jr. features a backpack and cup holder that provides storage and more work room. The height of the Pivot Jr. can adjust from 27-42 inches making this small […]

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Spectrum Adds SIM32 Front-Loading Tablet and Laptop Storage Cart for Education


Spectrum Industries has introduced the SIM32 Cart, which has the smallest footprint of any Spectrum design. The SIM32 measures 24 inches wide, 22 inches in diameter and 37 inches in height. The small cart can store 32 laptops or tablets. The SIM32 can also store and charge iPads, Chromebooks and notebooks. Plastic dividers are used to separate and protect […]

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Spectrum Introduces New Flex Active Table


Spectrum Industries just launched the Flex Active Table. Designed with collaboration in mind, teachers can easily move these tables around to create the perfect working environment. From active learning environments to meeting rooms, the Flex Active Table can meet the needs of any collaboration layout, while ADA compliant seating allows you to engage any user in any environment. The locking casters […]

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Spectrum Industries Introduces a New Cart for Virtual Reality Charging and Storage


With the introduction of virtual reality, the world of education is changing. As instructors are trying to bring this technology into their classroom, the one piece that has been missing has been how to store and charge both the VR goggles and phones safely and securely. Spectrum is addressing this with the debuting the new Immersion Series of VR […]

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