TV Personality and Music Journalist Allison Hagendorf’s Outdoor Patio Gets ‘The Right Sound’ With Leon Terra Speakers


[Ann Arbor, MI] – June 20, 2022 – Music is everything to television personality and music journalist Allison Hagendorf, and it’s easy to see why. Hagendorf’s love of music and renowned ear for rock has led to a career of dream music industry jobs. From VJing on MTV to scouting talent for Sony and Columbia […]

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Community’s R SERIES Expands with Three New Models at ISE 2016


Community’s R SERIES loudspeakers are designed for extreme weather conditions. Now, two new full-range R-MAX models and a high-output R-MAX bass horn offer higher output levels than previous versions. These new loudspeakers offer consistent coverage patterns, smooth frequency response, and very high output levels making them ideally suited for sporting venues, race tracks, outdoor theaters, […]

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Terra Speakers Updates AC Series


Terra, a manufacturer of all-climate loudspeakers, has updated the look and durability of its AC series enclosure models. The new AC grilles are made from aluminum in place of the molded resin types previously used. The grilles incorporate carefully sized micro-perforations in order to balance attractiveness and speaker protection while having a minimal impact on […]

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Extron Introduces Speaker Innovation for Suspended Ceilings


Extron’s new SpeedMount Ceiling Speaker System is a patented low-profile, plenum-rated, two-piece ceiling tile speaker system for division-of-labor installations. The CS 1226T SpeedMount speaker system features the newest speaker design from Extron, which greatly simplifies ceiling speaker installation and delivers significant time and cost savings. The two-piece system consists of the CS 120P plenum rated […]

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Audio One Launches Custom In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speaker Line


Almost every audio company has added an in-wall and in-ceiling line of speakers and now it’s David Frangioni’s turn. A professional musician and founder of Audio One, Frangioni launched his own personal line of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers last week, specifically designed for the distributed audio market. With broad off-axis dispersion (-6 dB at 45 […]

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WAT’s Thin, Thin Speakers Get Fat Funding


Warwick Audio Technologies just received £1.5 million (British Pounds) to develop its “Bend-it-Like Beckham” speaker technology.  WAT developed “flat flexible laminate” (FFL) speakers and launches its first commercial product this year. Between 0.25 to 1mm thick, the FFL speaker is lightweight and flexible enough to fit into most contoured spaces (such as car interiors or […]

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Sanyo Launches Two New Short-Throw Lens Mounts with Built-in Speakers


Targeted to the educational market, the MT-EDU 101 and MT-EDU 102 eliminate the need to use the projector’s internal speakers  (does anyone actually build systems to use the internal speakers?) or a separate audio system by incorporating a 50-watt two-channel amplifier and two powerful 25-watt rated two-way speakers into the chassis of the wall mount. […]

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