Cleaner, Brighter and Articulate — It Is Possible, Part 1


A Little Physics At the normal sea level atmospheric pressure of 14.7 pounds-per-square-inch, 59 degrees F, dry air (< 50 percent relative humidity), sound travels one mile every five seconds in round numbers — so in 2.5 seconds, sound will cover a distance of half a mile. In NFL football, that’s just enough time to […]

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Acoustic Geometry Ships CornerSorber


  Acoustic Geometry’s new Acoustic Bass Management (ABM) line, the CornerSorber, is now shipping. This corner-placement bass absorber utilizes a Mass-Loaded Vinyl (MLV) absorption membrane in a cutting-edge design that mitigates low-frequency room modes for accurate sound reproduction in a room. The CornerSorber is a bass absorber design that allows maximum pressure-zone room-mode reduction due to close-corner […]

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Auralex Ships New Deep6 Low-Frequency Absorber


Auralex Acoustics is now shippping its new Deep6 Low-Frequency Absorber, a 2′ x 4′ x 6″ powder-coated, black steel frame-enclosed absorption device. The Deep6 Low-Frequency Absorber is specifically designed to be installed on a wall or across a vertical corner to improve low-frequency absorption throughout the room and accuracy at the mix position, but without […]

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