Solving the Problem, Part One

December 11, 2018

Over the past few months, my esteemed rAVe HOW colleague, Anthony Coppedge, has written several columns that raised significant and critical issues regarding the supply of and sales of AV hardware and related products into the house of worship markets. His focus has been on the issues facing integrators and why many of them are […]

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InfoComm 2018 Recap, Part the Second: Words by Which to Live

June 18, 2018

With the new branding, AVIXA appears to have picked up a new motto, one which many of us have seen on the various promotional items for sale in the AVIXA store at InfoComm: “Together, we can change the way people experience the world.” Those who know me I believe in language, and believe in having […]

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Does Your Technology Matter?

October 28, 2015

In the last year, I have had the great fun of advising a number of tech startups, in both a formal and informal role. It’s been so energizing and refreshing to see these companies bringing such interesting new technologies to the live events marketplace. The blend of science and creativity is really what makes this […]

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Solutioneering: Helping Churches Define AVL Budgets

March 30, 2015

How much should a church set aside for making audio, video and lighting (AVL) upgrades? As each church is unique and budgets are vastly different from church to church, the best way to answer that is to look at what drives their budget. Considering about 50 percent of a church’s annual finances are dedicated towards […]

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Sell the Solution, Not the Product

November 20, 2014

If your firm had the goal of growing the bottom line by 10 percent next year, would you consider the possibility that you might just be able to do that by selling into and serving the House of Worship market? It’s true, and there are manufacturers and systems integrators focusing on this underserved vertical market […]

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