Altinex Expands ShareTime Line


Altinex has expanded the ShareTime collaboration product line with the ShareTime HDMI Cable (CB300-101), the ShareTime 4×1 HDMI switcher (UT260-041) and the ShareTime Collaboration Package (UT100-041). The Altinex ShareTime HDMI Cable is marketed as a display controller that enables display control using a ShareTime controller and cable in a single assembly. Multiple ShareTime HDMI cables […]

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Altinex Announces ShareTime Collaboration System


Altinex’s new ST100-001 ShareTime Collaboration System uses chunky adapters that look like over-sized flash drives but it connects to an HDMI cable to an HDMI display. Using CEC-based (Consumer Electronics Control) control signals, ShareTime enables users to turn the display on and select different inputs just by touching the top surface of the ShareTime adapter. […]

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