Screen Innovations Introduces Updated Nano 2


Screen Innovations (SI) recently introduced a new version of its Nano 2. The Nano 2’s removable front cover provides access to the motors, technology and shading fabric inside the cassette. This feature enables leveling adjustments, maintenance, and fabric swaps to be handled easily without detaching the cassette from the window. The Nano 2 motor, power […]

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Screen Innovations Debuts Zen 2 at CEDIA Expo 2022


Screen Innovations (SI) debuted motorized shading for outdoor applications via the Zen 2, developed to blend into outdoor environments. The Zen 2 motorized cassette accommodates a wide selection of outdoor shading fabrics (up to 25 feet wide and 16 feet tall) is available in several designer colors and can be primed to paint for a […]

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Screen Innovations Details CEDIA Expo 2022 Lineup


Screen Innovations (SI) is introducing a host of new products at CEDIA Expo 2022 including: NEW Solo 3 Outdoor Entertainment Pavilion Featuring Shades and Screens A focal point of SI’s CEDIA 2022 exhibit is Solo 3, a re-envisioned line of design-centric motorized projection screen cassettes that blends into surrounding environments. The clean, sharp lines of […]

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Screen Innovations To Showcase Portfolio in Epson, LG and Samsung’s Booths at CEDIA Expo 2022


When Epson, LG, Samsung, and Sony needed projection materials to showcase the imaging qualities of their respective video projectors debuting at CEDIA Expo 2022, they looked to Screen Innovations. Several screens from SI’s vast portfolio will be prominently displayed throughout the CEDIA Expo show floor, demonstrating the versatility and exceptional optical performance of the line. At the LG […]

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Screen Innovations Debuts Solo 3 Design-Centered Projection Screen Cassettes


Screen Innovations (SI) just debuted the Solo 3, its new line of design-centered motorized projection screen cassettes that blend into the surrounding environment so well, they go virtually unnoticed. The clean lines of the self-contained cassette reflect today’s architectural trends, nodding to contemporary and minimalist interiors. Unlike most other motorized projection screen cassettes, Solo 3 is manufactured as one seamless […]

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Screen Innovations Adds Two New Accessories to Simplify the Operation of SI Motorized Shades and Screens


Screen Innovations added two new accessories “designed to dramatically simplify the installation and operation of SI motorized shades and screens.” SI’s C4 Zigbee interface and Suite XVI 16-port data hub are two devices that allow systems integrators to expand and enhance their screen and shade installations without customized wiring or programming. SI’s C4 Zigbee enables […]

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Screen Innovations Pairs Unity and Short-Throw ALR Projection Screen Materials with DPI and Epson Projectors at InfoComm 2022


AUSTIN, TX (June 6, 2022) — Commercial environments call for large screens that can accurately and reliably reproduce projected images despite viewing conditions. When Digital Projection International (DPI) and Epson needed projection materials to showcase the imaging qualities of their respective UHD video projectors debuting at InfoComm 2022, they looked to Screen Innovations. Chosen for […]

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Screen Innovations Launches Wireless Nano 2 Motorized and Manual Shade


Screen Innovations launched the wireless Nano 2 motorized and manual shade. The Nano 2 offers a removable front cover and leveling adjustments. Maintenance and fabric swaps during a remodel can be handled easily without detaching the cassette from the window. The Nano 2 motor and power and control cables can be removed from the mounted […]

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Screen Innovations to Exhibit New Outdoor Shades, Screens and Accessories at CEDIA Expo 2021


Screen Innovations (SI) will demonstrate a host of new products at CEDIA Expo 2021. To see SI’s entire portfolio of shade and screen technologies and accessories, click here. SI has dedicated a 10-by-10-foot section of its CEDIA exhibit to shade and screen solutions that create comfortable, enjoyable outdoor environments. Within a custom pergola, SI will […]

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A Sample of CEDIA Expo 2021 Exhibitors


CEDIA Expo will take place later this week on Sept. 1-3, 2021, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can find THE rAVe Agency’s coverage of the Expo on our microsite here. “There’s no other show this year that will offer an opportunity to see and hear what’s new in the residential technology […]

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Screen Innovations Launches Online Fabric Selection and Personalization Website, ‘Fabric Wizard’


Screen Innovations has launched an online shade selection and specification tool. Guiding integrators, designers, homeowners and end users through the fabric selection process, SI’s new Fabric Wizard provides one place to learn about and determine the best shading fabric for any indoor and outdoor application. More than 850 indoor and outdoor fabrics and insect screens from […]

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Screen Innovations Adds Manual Box Shade Cassettes to Nano Lineup


Screen Innovations (SI) widened its Nano product category with the addition of Nano Manual Box shade cassettes. Designed to match the cosmetics of the motorized version of Nano, Nano Manual Box offers integrators and end users the ability to use a combination of less expensive manual shades on smaller ancillary windows like those in a […]

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Screen Innovations Intros Zigbee 3.0 Link Pro Z Controller and Smart Outlet


Screen Innovations just introduced two new products enabled with Zigbee 3.0 technology, the latest iteration of the Zigbee wireless communications protocol: a mesh controller powered by PoE and a smart outlet. SI’s new Zigbee 3.0 devices enable the control of Zigbee 3.0 and RTS shades (Radio Technology Somfy) via the Somfy TaHoma app on any […]

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Screen Innovations Updates Janus Power and Control Hub


Screen Innovations offers a new version of its Janus power and control hub, which is expressly engineered for commercial integrators’ needs. Tested and certified by the NEC, NFPA and UL for fire-resistance and low-smoke production, Janus Plenum meets all safety regulations for plenum installation. The new plenum-rated Janus includes all of the original Janus features, […]

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Screen Innovations Adds to Nano Shade Lineup with the Nano 375 Box Coupled


Screen Innovations (SI) just widened its Nano product category with the addition of Nano 375 Box Coupled. With the rest of the SI shade lineup, the Nano 375 Box provides integrators with a simple, decorative, economical and functional solution for banks of windows up to 24 feet in size. According to SI, the new coupled […]

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Screen Innovations Adds Motorized Shades to Product Line for Commercial AV Integrators


Screen Innovations (SI) just added to the motorized shade market by offering its extensive product line to commercial AV integrators. The move represents a growing demand for motorized shades for both residential and commercial applications and SI’s commitment to providing integrators with the products, technologies, and tools they need to add a new category to […]

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Screen Innovations Develops New Attachment System for Zero Edge Pro Frame


Screen Innovations (SI) has developed a new attachment system to ensure predictable results when affixing Black Diamond and Short Throw (BD&ST) optics to SI’s Zero Edge Pro frame. The new BD&ST Zero Edge Pro snap attachment system replicates the installation method used on SI’s popular Zero Edge Slate screens, offering a simpler way to attach […]

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Screen Innovations Releases New Mounting System to Accompany Solo and Solo Pro Screens


Screen Innovations introduced a new mounting system that accommodates the lightweight, compact form factor of SI’s Solo and Solo Pro motorized screens. The Solo Suspended Ceiling Mount System preserves the room’s aesthetic through a design-focused mounting solution that eliminates visible technology and mounting hardware. The new Solo Suspended Ceiling Mount System follows the latest lighting […]

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Screen Innovations Releases Fontus, Enabling Motorized Screen and Shade Control


Screen Innovations has announced the immediate availability of Fontus. This new product enables the company’s low-voltage motorized screens and shades to be powered and controlled via any traditional two-conductor wiring. SI’s Fontus allows integrators to utilize wire that may already exist inside a commercial building or home to connect screens and shades to a modern […]

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Screen Innovations Now Shipping Fontus; Two-Way Power and Control Over Two-Conductor Wire


Austin, TX (April 30, 2020) — Screen Innovations (SI), a premier manufacturer of optical screens and designer shades, announces the immediate availability of Fontus, a revolutionary new product that enables their low-voltage motorized screens and shades to be powered and controlled via any type of traditional two-conductor wiring. SI’s Fontus allows integrators to utilize wire […]

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Screen Innovations Will Introduce Zigbee 3.0 at ISE


Screen Innovations (SI) will introduce Zigbee 3.0-enabled products at ISE 2020, adding control via Amazon, Apple and Google. All three companies, along with the Zigbee Alliance, recently formed a working group, the Connected Home over IP (CHIP), to foster the universal adoption of the standard by leading smart home manufacturers. SI is actively participating in […]

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Screen Innovations Re-engineers Solo Family of Projection Screens


Screen Innovations (SI) has completely re-engineered its Solo family, now up to 3.5 meters wide in AC, DC and wireless lithium rechargeable options. One of the signature features of SI’s new Solo 2 motorized cassette is its decorator-friendly design; with cassette sizes starting at 90 millimeters in-depth and height, the Solo 2 is 17% smaller […]

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Screen Innovations’ HQ Grows


Driven by their continuing national shade dealer onboarding, Screen Innovations (SI) announces a major facility expansion, adding 50,000 square feet, including warehouse and office space at their international headquarters in Austin, Tex. “Our dealers’ acceptance of our new product designs has been very rewarding. We invest in our company because we’re here to change dealers’ […]

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SI Shows V2 of Zen Outdoor Shading Design System


First introduced at CEDIA in September 2018, the Flow design ecosystem was developed by Screen Innovations to help dealers in designing, specifying and ordering indoor shades. Today, SI announces the release of Flow V2.0, which includes Zen, the company’s outdoor line of motorized shades featuring Serge Ferrari fabrics with Precontraint durability technology. Flow’s software addresses […]

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Salamander Designs and Screen Innovations Partner


Salamander Designs and Screen Innovations announced a partnership which supports turn-key packages for Ultra-Short Throw Credenzas and the Solo Pro line of motorized screens. It’s aimed at commercial and residential integrators. Salamander’s Ultra-Short-Throw Credenzas matched with SI’s Solo Pro and its optical “ST” material specifically suited for Ultra-Short-Throw projectors, make it simpler to deploy display […]

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Screen Innovations Announces a Motorized Short Throw ALR Screen


Screen Innovations (SI) has announced that its ambient-light-rejecting Short Throw (ST) screen material is now available on Solo Pro. The Solo family of screens are highly customizable motorized screens that can be carried and installed in five minutes by a single person. SI says that the combination of Solo Pro with SI’s ALR Short Throw […]

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Screen Innovations Adds Screen for Tall Ceilings


SI’s new Zero-G offers an “extended maximum drop” to solve the problem that integrators often have when specifying a motorized screen where extremely tall ceilings make it all but impossible. Zero-G has no black mask above the viewing surface. Instead, the Zero-G screen is housed in a two-piece tube that is suspended from Ultra-High Molecular […]

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Screen Innovations Adds New Zero Edge Pro Screen


Screen Innovations (SI) has announced an update to its Zero Edge screen with the new Zero Edge Pro. Thirty-six screens in one and three bezel options: Small (1/2-inch), Medium (1-1/2-inches), or Large (2-inches). The Medium and Large options are available in twelve colors with an in-lay of hand-wrapped velvet or completely wrapped in velvet. Available colors are the […]

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Screen Innovations Debuts Totally Wireless (Including Power) Motorized Screens and the Zero Edge Series


Screen Innovations (SI) is at ISE 2018 (Booth #1-N85) debuting its Solo motorized screen that the company says requires zero wiring. Powered by a lithium core motor, Solo is charged by the use of SI’s patent-pending magnetic power cord that they say provides over two years of life with one charge. SI is showing two variations of […]

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SI Launches Black Diamond XL, Slate XL and Solar XL


Projection screen manufacturer Screen Innovations (SI) is announcing a major update to the top three screen materials in its line-up: Black Diamond, Slate and Solar will be available in the new extra-large (XL) variations. The new Black Diamond screen, Black Diamond XL, achieves its ALR properties by utilizing microscopic stacked optical layers. Historically, Black Diamond and all other layer-based optical screens […]

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Screen Innovations Launches Zero-G’s New Cord Colors


In 2016, Screen Innovations (SI) introduced Zero-G, a projection screen that looks like it’s levitating in midair. SI is now offering the cables that hold the screen in three new color variations: Sky Blue, Forest Green and Warm Gray (beige) in addition to White, Gray and Black cables already available. This gives the integrator the capability to more closely […]

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