Screen Innovations’ HQ Grows


Driven by their continuing national shade dealer onboarding, Screen Innovations (SI) announces a major facility expansion, adding 50,000 square feet, including warehouse and office space at their international headquarters in Austin, Tex. “Our dealers’ acceptance of our new product designs has been very rewarding. We invest in our company because we’re here to change dealers’ […]

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SI Shows V2 of Zen Outdoor Shading Design System


First introduced at CEDIA in September 2018, the Flow design ecosystem was developed by Screen Innovations to help dealers in designing, specifying and ordering indoor shades. Today, SI announces the release of Flow V2.0, which includes Zen, the company’s outdoor line of motorized shades featuring Serge Ferrari fabrics with Precontraint durability technology. Flow’s software addresses […]

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Salamander Designs and Screen Innovations Partner


Salamander Designs and Screen Innovations announced a partnership which supports turn-key packages for Ultra-Short Throw Credenzas and the Solo Pro line of motorized screens. It’s aimed at commercial and residential integrators. Salamander’s Ultra-Short-Throw Credenzas matched with SI’s Solo Pro and its optical “ST” material specifically suited for Ultra-Short-Throw projectors, make it simpler to deploy display […]

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Screen Innovations Announces a Motorized Short Throw ALR Screen


Screen Innovations (SI) has announced that its ambient-light-rejecting Short Throw (ST) screen material is now available on Solo Pro. The Solo family of screens are highly customizable motorized screens that can be carried and installed in five minutes by a single person. SI says that the combination of Solo Pro with SI’s ALR Short Throw […]

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Screen Innovations Adds Screen for Tall Ceilings


SI’s new Zero-G offers an “extended maximum drop” to solve the problem that integrators often have when specifying a motorized screen where extremely tall ceilings make it all but impossible. Zero-G has no black mask above the viewing surface. Instead, the Zero-G screen is housed in a two-piece tube that is suspended from Ultra-High Molecular […]

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Screen Innovations Adds New Zero Edge Pro Screen


Screen Innovations (SI) has announced an update to its Zero Edge screen with the new Zero Edge Pro. Thirty-six screens in one and three bezel options: Small (1/2-inch), Medium (1-1/2-inches), or Large (2-inches). The Medium and Large options are available in twelve colors with an in-lay of hand-wrapped velvet or completely wrapped in velvet. Available colors are the […]

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Screen Innovations Debuts Totally Wireless (Including Power) Motorized Screens and the Zero Edge Series


Screen Innovations (SI) is at ISE 2018 (Booth #1-N85) debuting its Solo motorized screen that the company says requires zero wiring. Powered by a lithium core motor, Solo is charged by the use of SI’s patent-pending magnetic power cord that they say provides over two years of life with one charge. SI is showing two variations of […]

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SI Launches Black Diamond XL, Slate XL and Solar XL


Projection screen manufacturer Screen Innovations (SI) is announcing a major update to the top three screen materials in its line-up: Black Diamond, Slate and Solar will be available in the new extra-large (XL) variations. The new Black Diamond screen, Black Diamond XL, achieves its ALR properties by utilizing microscopic stacked optical layers. Historically, Black Diamond and all other layer-based optical screens […]

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Screen Innovations Launches Zero-G’s New Cord Colors


In 2016, Screen Innovations (SI) introduced Zero-G, a projection screen that looks like it’s levitating in midair. SI is now offering the cables that hold the screen in three new color variations: Sky Blue, Forest Green and Warm Gray (beige) in addition to White, Gray and Black cables already available. This gives the integrator the capability to more closely […]

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SI Launches Tiles Screen Tiling System for Video Walls


Screen Innovations (SI) at ISE launched something called Tiles, a new screen tiling system for the video wall category. Tiles can go as large as 288″ W by 162” H (330″ diagonal), and is 4K/8K+ rated and UHD/HDR ready. To build a Black Diamond video wall, panels are placed next to each other with a very small seam and stacked in a running-bond […]

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SI Debuts Floating Screen at CEDIA — Aims it at Both Residential and Commercial Installs


Screen Innovations (SI) has announced something they are calling Zero-G, a motorized projection screen that, when deployed, SI claims it literally appears to be floating in midair and rolls out of the way when not in use. Zero-G was created to allow you to watch a movie on an image that “levitates” in your space […]

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Screen Innovations’ Updates Zero Edge Flex, Adds Maestro Acoustically Transparent Weave


Screen Innovations (SI) has updated its Zero Edge FLEX frame style and added the company’s Maestro White and Maestro Gray acoustically transparent, woven, screens. SI claims the Zero Edge design has broken the rigidity barrier with a new frame that has made on-site assembly easier than ever for custom installers. Zero Edge FLEX easily breaks […]

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Screen Innovations’ Slate Just Got Even Bigger


Screen Innovations (SI) has just launched a new design that will create its largest  “affordable” screen option to date with their new Slate Micro Seam — they are claiming it to be the world’s largest ambient-light rejecting screen available in sizes up to 390 inches diagonally in 16:9. With Slate Micro Seam, SI can manufacture […]

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Screen Innovations Intros Short Throw Screen for Sony’s LSPX-W1S


Screen Innovations (SI) has launched the Short Throw (ST) projection screen designed exclusively for bottom-throw, ultra short throw projectors. The ST 5 Series screens will be sold to authorized SI dealers and distributors worldwide. SI has also partnered with Sony to distribute the 5 Series Zero Edge ST screens with its new 4K ultra short throw projector for commercial installations and is available […]

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Screen Innovations Ships Zero Edge Screen


Screen Innovations (SI) is now shipping its new Zero Edge FLEX projection screen — the video industry’s first projection screen that claims a flexible form factor and a Zero Edge appearance. Zero Edge FLEX is a flexible projection screen available in sizes up to 250” diagonal and is available in the ambient-light-rejecting Slate, acoustically transparent […]

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Screen Innovations Announces Black Diamond Rear-Pro Film


Screen Innovations (SI) will announce at CEDIA a new film-based projection screen material, dubbed Black Diamond Rear-Pro Film, which is a light-diffusing rear projection film that can be applied to any transparent surface (like a window in a retail store) to turn it into a projection surface. SI’s Black Diamond Rear-Pro Film is available in […]

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Screen Innovations Will Debut a 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio Black Diamond Motorized Projection Screen at CEDIA


Screen Innovations (SI) has added a new aspect ratio to its Black Diamond Motorized screen line: It’s now available in screen sizes up to 138” and in either a 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Available with either a flush or external mount, the Black Diamond Motorized is a single-motor design with four custom helixes, and […]

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Screen Innovations Ships Black Diamond Motorized Screen


Screen Innovations says that its Black Diamond ambient light rejection screen technology is what makes this screen unique. Utilizing one motor, four custom helixes and a spool of slender aircraft cable, Black Diamond Motorized lowers a thin wing containing the rolled Black Diamond screen downward from a recessed ceiling-mounted cassette. The cable-hung wing then stops, […]

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Screen Innovation Intros New Products, Screen Materials for Commercial and Residential Applications


Screen Innovations (SI) demonstrated at CEDIA Expo 2012 a series of new screen materials and products. The new Black Diamond Motorized uses SI’s Black Diamond ambient light rejection screen technology, which the company says reduces light scatter by over 75 percent, and is described by SI as an alternative to a flat panel display. Utilizing […]

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Screen Innovations to Debut


Designed to be the first levitating screen that “floats” an image in thin air and virtually disappears, Stealth is a new motorized screen from Screen Innovations. It consists of a slender, cable-hung, motorized cassette that literally drops a small tube from the ceiling (using aircraft cables). The tube raises and lowers (to store out of […]

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