The Conversation


Those who know me know I like to talk. I’ll leave that thought there for now. Recently, in a business discussion I was asked “Why do you answer every question with a story?” I sat there for a few moments and – yes – was speechless (imagine…). Now I’m not sure exactly what my answer […]

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The Technology of Sales


Interestingly I listen to sales people in the AV (AV/IT, etc.) industry talk about trying to explain what they do to someone whether at an event, a party or even in an elevator, where of course you have about 20-30 seconds (thus the elevator pitch) to get that Aha moment from the listener. In my almost […]

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Asking Churches the Right Questions


I’m not a fan of link baiting titles (“Five ways to better…three steps for…”, etc.) but I was tempted to entitle this article “The Five Questions to Ask Churches” because, well, that’s what I’ve written about. However, there’s a warning that comes with this article: These are not sales techniques, but are a paradigm shift […]

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Adding to Your Winning Team


Who is the best person on your integration team? Where are you getting the highest value? Is it the engineer who can design a flawless system and bring it life through a detailed program report and drawing package? Is it the project manager who manages time, scope, and cost with incredible resource management skills and […]

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Losing to Lowballers? This is Nothing New, and Neither Are the Remedies…


Note: Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D/I,CQT,ISF-C,DMC-E,EAVA is a co-contributor to this blog article (where noted). After being through the bidding and install job competition wars for over 15 years in the AV industry, I can safely say that I along with others who have written blogs and articles have some great (and frustrating) stories to tell. Many of […]

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Minding Your Ps and Qs


I just saw a post on this site by Lee Distad on Why Good Manners Make a Difference. I liked Lee’s post as it questioned whether or not manners are going “out of style” so to speak.  I think we have come into an era where the entitlement attitude of the celebration generation may very […]

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The DMZ for Direct Sales People


I awoke Friday morning to promptly receive an email from Chief’s own Joel Hagen.  Joel emailed me a link to Scott Tiner‘s post of that day entitled “Over Here! Over Here!” in which he in essence called out his local manufacturer’s reps for ignoring him even though he specifies and even installs much of the […]

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The Difference


(****Update*****2/6/2014.  I received a couple comments that sediment in older wines is normal, which is entirely true.  This wine was not a 7 year+ bottle, so the yeast/protein sediment they referred to would not be normal for a 2011 bottle.  Crystalline sediment may be normal if they use a more traditional process that doesn’t filter […]

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The Easy Sell on a Hard Topic


There are so many good points to using energy efficient products as one of the most cost-effective, simple and quick ways to reduce energy consumption and lower green house gas emissions. The ICT industry is ripe with tools, products and software capable of proving out these efficiency gains. Companies are falling over themselves to show […]

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