What Churches Want and Need from AV Sales


In seven years of sharing practical insights on how to sell audiovisual (AV) to churches, we’ve posted over 70 articles focusing specifically on the opportunities and challenges of selling to buyers and influencers in the house of worship market. During that same time, the church AV market has gone from hundreds of millions of dollars […]

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Is It a Standard if Nobody Uses it?


The AV/IT industry has a problem, one of its own making and one that is getting worse by the micro-second. There are just too many conflicting and confusing “standards” and best practices. Between those created by trade groups, those developed by technical associations or technology consortia (worse yet as these tend to be proprietary) and […]

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The Real Metrics for AV Social Media Success


There’s no doubt that social media is a part of your marketing strategy, but are you measuring more than the so-called ‘vanity metrics’ of likes and impressions? To make your brand’s social media truly successful, your brand’s social accounts must have some personality and they must ‘listen’ even more than they ‘talk.’ When your brand […]

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Vendors, Market Development Funds and the Faith Market


Manufacturers want to help systems integrators sell their products so they provide funds to help co-promote the equipment with the vendor. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember, whether it is called “co-op funds” or “market development funds” (MDF) or “channel funding,” the idea is to influence the sale towards the […]

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Making the Case for Additional Investment in Digital Signage Based on ROI/ROO


By Brian McClimans Vice President, Global Business Development, Peerless-AV Digital signage is growing in tandem with technological advancements and changes in communication styles and processes. With these changes brings the need to rethink the urgency of validating digital signage expansion simply based upon Return on Investment (ROI). The communication landscape has vastly transformed and digital […]

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What’s the True ROI of Digital Signage Promoting Workplace Safety? (Hint: It’s Huge)


By Frank Kenna President and CEO, The Marlin Company I’ve often written about the ROI of using digital signage for effective workplace communications and how it’s dripping with cost savings, but today I want to focus on an issue that concerns most of our customers: safety. Safety ROI can be broken down into two primary […]

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How Technology Is Taking Retail Back to the Future


By Bill Bishop Chief Architect, BrickMeetsClicks.com Stuart Armstrong was pushing the boundaries of using POS data at IRI to understand shopping behavior when I first met him. Today he’s pushing the boundaries of using digital screens to communicate with shoppers inside stores at ComQi.* In between, he developed multi-channel marketing strategies for the consumer goods […]

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The “One Stop Shop”- A New Perspective on Digital Signage


I have worked for 3 integrators over the last 13 years, working on projects that include everything from structured wiring in residential to corporate boardrooms to award winning digital signage projects at universities. As such, I know the advantages of being a one stop shop.  In residential for instance, being able to offer structured cabling, audio video, […]

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