ProVideoInstruments Debuts VeCOAX Ultra PRO


ProVideoInstruments has announced the VeCOAX Ultra PRO. The VeCOAX Ultra PRO combines video surveillance, cable, antenna, HDMI inputs and other video sources, in one stream, on coaxial or internet. By providing access to all their favorite TV sources, the VeCOAX Ultra Pro is a single solution for any installation. The VeCOAX Ultra Pro can accept […]

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ProVideoInstruments Launches VuMATRIX 1Gb AV-Over-IP TxRx


ProVideoInstruments has announced the VuMATRIX, a plug-and-play receiver and transmitter with wireless control through ProVideoInstruments’ application. ProVideoInstruments’ VuMATRIX is a 4K receiver and transmitter set distributing HDMI over an existing 1Gb network. With expansion capabilities, the VuMATRIX allows users to connect a transmitter for each source and a receiver unit for each TV on the […]

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ProVideoInstruments Launches VuMatrix 4K PRO


ProVideoInstruments has designed the next generation of video distribution with the VuMATRIX 4K PRO featuring 4K UHD video capabilities. ProVideoInstrument’s VuMATRIX 4K PRO is a 4K high-definition receiver (8-bit, 4:2:0n chroma sub-sampling) and transmitter set distributing HDMI over an existing 1 Gb IP network. Designed for videowalls, the VuMATRIX 4K PRO allows users to connect a transmitter for […]

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ProVideoInstruments Debuts VeCASTER


ProVideoInstruments just launched the VeCASTER, an all-in-one HDMI IPTV and internet encoder streamer with built-in unicast, RTMP, UDP, HTTP, HLS, RTP, RTSP simultaneous servers, multi-stream and multi-resolution HDMI to HEVC. Available as H.265, H.264 and rackmount, the VeCASTER features video distribution over Internet and IPTV to create live, high-quality TV channels over the internet. With direct streaming up […]

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