Canon Debuts New Laser Projector and Lens Line


Canon has introduced the LX-MU800Z, the company’s first single-chip DLP Projector with a Laser-Phosphor light source spec’d at 20,000 hours of operation to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Additional key features on the LX-MU800Z projector include native WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution, a spec of up-to-8000 lumens, a dynamic contrast ratio up to 10,500:1, and […]

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EPSON Debuts 12,000 Lumen 3LCD Laser-Phosphor Projector Using Inorganic Color-Wheel and Panels


You are no long forced to buy a DLP projector if you want laser-phosphor. Two months ago, at the ISE show in Amsterdam, Epson launched the world’s-first laser-phosphor 3LCD projector line that not only lasts for (and is warranted for) 20,000 hours, but can garner a 12,000 lumen light output. The Pro L1505U large-venue projector […]

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Optoma Launches Ultra-Light, Short Throw Projector Aimed at Both Business and Home


Optoma has introduced an ultra-portable ML750ST short throw WXGA (1280×800) one-chip DLP projector with LED lighting — aiming it for both home and commercial use — but it’s limited to 700 lumens. It’s priced at $550. Weighing in at under one pound, the ML750ST offers all of the same features as its miniscule ML750 predecessor […]

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Christie Adds Four Laser-Phosphor Projectors with New GS Series Using Rec. 709


Christie has announced new 1DLP lineup GS Series of laser-phosphor projectors, including two HD models with BoldColor Technology. The line is aimed at corporate meeting rooms, trade shows, entertainment venues and rental staging. More advanced than previous GS models, the four professional-grade models use a grid-based warping and blending processor and also have an option […]

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Barco Aims New 30K Lumen Laser-Phosphor at Rental Market


Barco has expanding its HDF projector portfolio for large venues and events with a three-chip DLP, 30,000-lumen model in WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution. Dubbed the HDF-W30LP FLEX projector, it features a laser-phosphor light source spec’d to last over 30,000 hours. Spec’d at 1900:1 contrast ratio with 90 percent uniformity, the projector includes horizontal and vertical edge […]

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BenQ’s New S-Series Projectors Offers 7K Lumens


BenQ America today announced two new additions to its line of S-Series high-brightness professional projectors, the SU931 and SX930. They are designed for houses of worship, training and conference rooms as well as higher education settings. The new projectors are part of BenQ’s Integrator’s Choice program, designed to offer dealers professional-grade display solutions backed by […]

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InFocus Releases New Ultra-Mobile Projectors in IN1116 and IN1118HD


InFocus Corporation has launched two new mobile projectors in the form of the IN1116 and IN1118HD, WXGA (1366×760) and HD (1920×1080), respectively. The IN1116 and IN1118HD each weigh only 3.5 pounds and are spec’d at 2400 lumens and both are spec’d with a lamp life of 10,000. Inputs include HDMI, VGA and USB with 4GB […]

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Panasonic Shines Bright at Digital Signage Expo 2016


Panasonic is showcasing its latest professional display and projector technology at Digital Signage Expo booth 1519. These technologies are part of the company’s end-to-end digital signage solutions for virtually any industry, including retail, education (higher education & K-12), rental and staging, restaurants, corporate offices, government organizations and more. New Panasonic professional display and projector technology […]

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Proxima Debuts Another Laser Projector in LP8500U


Proxima has another laser-phosphor projector in the form of a 8500-lumen LP8500U, a single-chip, DLP-based WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution projector. The LP8500U is a water-cooled laser diode-based projector that has one VGA input, two HDMI inputs, a combo DVI/Display port input, an HDBaseT input and LAN RJ45 inputs for control and content management. The LP8500U ships […]

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BenQ Intros New WXGA Short Throw Projector


BenQ’s new MW883UST is a native WXGA (1366×768) resolution single-chip, short-throw projector. Spec’d at 3,300 ANSI lumens and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, the MW883UST has something BenQ calls PointWrite, an interactive module aimed at adding collaboration capabilities to the classrooms of budget-conscious schools. PointWrite allows teachers and students to interact easily with and annotate course […]

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Vivitek Ships New DU8090Z Laser-Phosphor Projector


Vivitek announced that the DU8090Z laser projector, using a laser light source spec’d at 20,000 hours of operation time and 8,000 ANSI lumens of brightness. The projector is aimed at installs for conference halls, auditoriums and theaters. With built-in edge-blending, warping and portrait mode projection with 360 degrees, the Vivitek DU8090Z is a versatile projector, […]

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Proxima Debuts Laser Phosphor Projector


Proxima Displays Corporation announced the release of the LP7000U, a laser-phosphor DLP WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution projector. The LP7000U is the first in a series of planned laser-phosphor projectors that Proxima Displays says they will roll out in 2016. Featuring a brightness spec of 7,000 lumens and WUXGA 1920×1200 resolution (using a single chip DLP), the […]

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Epson Debuts 25,000-Lumen 3LCD Laser-Phosphor Projector


Epson currently sits as the number-one selling projector company in all but one category: rental/staging. But the company’s new 25,000 lumen Pro L25000 is part of a seven-model lineup of the Pro L-Series that aims to take on that vertical with a price/performance mix that Epson believes will help establish them as the number one […]

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dnp Debuts LaserPanel and LaserPanel Touch All-in-One Box Packaged Systems


dnp is packaging an optical 100” screen and a short-throw laser-phosphor 1-chip DLP projector in a packaged system called LaserPanel. LaserPanel is a prepackaged system that dnp is marketing towards AV integrators looking for a box-systems approach to selling against flat-panel systems in meeting rooms and schools. A 100″ Interactive LCD would cost well over […]

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Christie HS Series Is 12K Lumen 1DLP Laser Phosphor Projector


Christie just introduced the brightest 1-chip 1DLP laser phosphor projector in the Christie HS Series. Featuring what they are calling ‘BoldColor Technology’ it has a color wheel that spins at 3x speed or normal 1-chip DLPs. The Christie D12HD-HS​ and Christie D12WU-HS, respectively, are HD (1080p) and WUXGA 1920×1200 resolution in a compact chassis. Aimed […]

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Epson Takes Aim at Staging Market with New Laser Phosphor Projector


Epson today announced its new Pro L-Series large venue laser projectors, including the world’s first 3LCD projector with 25,000 lumens of color brightness and 25,000 lumens of white brightness. The Pro L-Series projectors are also the first to integrate a laser-light source with an inorganic phosphor wheel in combination with inorganic LCD panels for outstanding […]

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Barco Launches 13K Lumen 4K Laser-Phosphor Projector in F90


The new Barco F90 series projectors are solid-state laser-phosphor light source projectors spec’d at 40,000 hours of operation time without need for lamp changes. The line includes both 2K and 4K projectors. The F90-4K13 is native 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,400) resolution projector and the WUXGA resolution (2,560 x 1,600) F90-W13 both meet the Rec. […]

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Sony’s New Laser Projectors Include 4K and 6K Lumen Products


Sony is broadening its line of laser light source (Z-Phosphor) projector line in the mid-brightness range with three new models between 4,100 and 6,000 lumens. The new models are the VPL-FWZ65 (6,000-lumen WXGA); VPL-FWZ60 (5,000-lumen WXGA); and the VPL-FHZ57 (4,100-lumen WUXGA). Designed for commercial applications including education, corporate, large venue and entertainment, the new models […]

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Epson Debuts EB-L25000 25K Lumen 3LCD Projector, Targets Install Market With Plethora of Projectors


Epson is unveiling two new ProAV projector ranges as well as its first 25,000 lumen 3LCD laser projector at ISE 2016 (9-12 February 2016) in Hall 1 Stand H90. The new models include the company’s first laser-based installation models. Dubbed the EB-L25000U, the 25,000 lumen laser-light source projector that marks a clear focus on the […]

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Barco Adds 19K Lumen Projector Aimed at Rental and Staging


Barco has added a new projector to its HDX line that’s aimed at large venues and events with a 3-chip DLP, 19,000-lumen 4K resolution model. The HDX-4K20 FLEX shares its lens range, ease of use, and modularity with the other HDX models and includes Barco’s FLEX feature have been expanded to offer both flexible brightness […]

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Epson Debuts New 8000-Lumen Pro G-Series Aimed at Large Venue Installs


Epson has announced its next-generation Pro G7000-Series large venue projectors. With new features, including increased brightness, and motorized lenses, the Pro G-Series has a low total cost of ownership and $199 replacement lamps. Consisting of seven models delivering up to 8,000 lumens of color brightness and 8,000 lumens of white brightness, the series also features […]

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NEC Launches All New Laser Projector Lineup in PX Series


NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched the 8000-lumen PX803UL projector, a laser/phosphor light projector aimed at large venues and rental and staging, higher education, museums, large corporations and for signage applications. Solid State Light source (SSL) technology means the WUXGA 1920×1200 PX803UL requires no lamp replacement, removes filter costs and eliminates the need for maintenance, […]

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Epson Launches New Laser and Lamp-Based Models at ISE


With 10,000 lumens brightness and WUXGA resolution, the black EB-Z10005U is a new installation projector from Epson. Able to project portrait aspect images for digital signage, the EB-Z10005U has a flexible installation angle, lens shift for off-centre positioning and plenty of calibration options, with optional Wi-Fi and HDBaseT connectivity. At 10,000 lumens the EB-Z10005U is […]

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Panasonic Expands SOLID SHINE Series With 5,000-Lumen Laser Phosphor Projector


Panasonic today introduced a new PT-RZ570U 1-Chip DLP Laser Phosphor projector as part of its new SOLID SHINE series aimed at education. Utilizing the latest WUXGA DLP resolution chip (1920×1200), the PT-RZ570U’s is specified at 5,000 lumens and a 20,000:1 contrast ratio. Features include Dynamic Mode (designed to increase image brightness) and Standard Mode/Graphic Mode […]

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Christie Launches Three New Boxer Models With 20K, 25K and 30K Lumens


Christie, today, ahead of ISE, launched three new Boxer models with 2K resolution and 20,000, 25,000 and 30,000 center lumens, depending on the model. Now available in multiple software performance configurations, the Christie Boxer Series offers choices based on resolution, brightness and budget requirements. With an upgrade path to higher brightness, resolution and performance capabilities, […]

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Could This Change Everything in Projection?


Something called the Illumina Light Farm may be as common in your tech vocabulary as DLP or Bluetooth soon. A company called Power Technology just one-upped the entire projection market with what it’s dubbing the Illumina Light Farm. What is it? Imagine removing the light source for a multi-projector install (e.g., installs where multiple projectors […]

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Digital Projection Debuts 13K DarkChip Projector at ISE


Digital Projection added to its 3-chip DarkChip DLP-based HIGHlite Laser large venue projector range at ISE with the new HIGHlite Laser II (13,000 ANSI lumens). Digital Projection says that their video processing is improved and the refresh-rate is now 120Hz for the DisplayPort input and 120Hz or 60Hz for HDMI. The 2,000:1 contrast ratio projector […]

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New Compact and Quiet Christie Q Series Debuts


Christie has a new set of 1-chip DLP projectors with the new Christie DWU1052-Q and Christie DHD1052-Q, both featuring improved warping and blending. Aimed at applications including concerts, live theater, lecture halls, conventions, hotels, public spaces and other venues where bright and precise imagery is key, end users will experience the benefits of the improved […]

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Our Solid State Illumination Survey Shows Most AV’ers Would Buy It


Last month, Christie funded the industry’s first ever Solid State Illumination Survey. We wanted to know who knows what and who is buying it. Solid state projection has only been around for three years (e.g., originally only LED-based projectors) and originally only available from two manufacturers. But over the last year, nearly every major brand […]

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