Wolf to Debut Two 4K-Ready D-ILA Home Cinema Projectors at CES


Wolf Cinema will release upgrades to four existing home theater projectors as well as two new projector and processor ensembles, built around sixth-generation, three-chip D-ILA light engine technologies. According to Wolf, the existing four platforms – models SDC-8, SDC-10, SDC-12 and SDC-15 – have been upgraded to provide for compatibility with Ultra HD/4K consumer video content.  Starting at […]

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Two New BenQ Projectors Launch Aimed at Home and Commercial


BenQ America launched two new projectors int he form of the TH670 and MH741. Both are spec’d at 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 3,000 (TH670) or 4,000 (MH741) ANSI lumens of brightness and native 1080p resolution. The TH670 is aimed at home entertainment, while the MH741 is spec’d for medium- to large-size conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms and houses of worship. Among a variety […]

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Christie Adds Boxer 30


The Christie Boxer is now available in 2K. The new projector is built for rental staging applications including concerts, amusement parks, projection mapping, live theater and conventions, as well as permanent installations including museums, planetariums, higher education and houses of worship. Omni-directional with integrated Near Field Communication (NFC), a preview screen and 1,500-hour lamp-life to 70 percent brightness, the 30,000 lumen […]

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Epson Adds Two Portable Projectors to Its EX-Series


Epson today introduced the EX5250 Pro and the EX5240 portable projectors — both aimed at small- to medium-sized businesses. The EX5250 Pro projector is an XGA resolution (1024×768) at 3,600 lumens, includes wireless connectivity while the EX5240 also XGA but is specified at 3,200 lumens. Both projectors include VGA and HDMI connectivity. Of course, they are both 3LCD projectors. The EX5250 Pro and EX5240 […]

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Sony Intros New Flagship 4K Projector in VPL-VW5000ES


Sony Electronics last month introduced the VPL‑W5000ES, a 5,000-lumen 4K SXRDTM laser light source projector. Sony’s new reference-quality unit is the first projector designed specifically for home cinema use that features 4K resolution powered by a laser light engine that provides 5,000 lumens of brightness, is compatible with High Dynamic Range (HDR), emulates the new BT.2020 color gamut, […]

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CASIO Adds 3K-Lumen Laser/LED Projector to EcoLite Line


Casio America announced today that it will expand its EcoLite lineup of LampFree projectors with a new 3000-lumen laser/LED EcoLite XJ-V2. CASIO says the XJ-V2 will be introduced at a price that is lower than the cost of a conventional mercury lamp projector of an equivalent brightness plus one replacement lamp. Furthermore, the Casio SSI […]

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Christie Improves M Series Line


The new Christie M Series line of upgraded 3DLP projectors include enhanced performance, portrait display capabilities and a 500-hour increase in the 450W lamp. Building on seven years of experience, the updated Christie M Series models can project on flat or curved screens in rental staging applications as well as large auditoriums, board and conference […]

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The Brian Savarese (EPSON) Interview


Epson is the world’s leading projector company based on sales stats. And, they only sell 3LCD — no DLP. So, they’ve achieved that with a technology crutch, if you will, since a customer who’s set on DLP no matter what can’t get a projector from them. Epson, however, seems happy with that arrangement since it […]

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BenQ Claims Cinematic Quality In the Home


BenQ America today introduced its new line of home theater projectors: the HT2050, HT3050 and HT4050. Designed to bring the big screen experience into the living room, the projectors leverage the Rec. 709 HDTV standard to accurately reproduce what BenQ calls “Cinematic Color” to the home. With native HD 1080p resolution (1920×1080), the lineup has […]

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Epson Unveils New Line of Premium Ultra-Bright Pro Cinema Projectors


Epson today unveiled an expanded line of Full HD 1080p Ultra-Bright Pro Cinema Projectors, the Epson Pro Cinema G6970WU, Pro Cinema G6570WU, Pro Cinema 4855WU, and wireless Pro Cinema 1985. Featuring up to 6,000 lumens of color brightness and 6,000 lumens of white brightness, Epson’s latest projectors can literally be placed anywhere as they are […]

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BenQ Debuts Large Venue Projectors


BenQ America today added four new dual-lamp, high-brightness projectors to its Integrators’ Choice lineup. Designed to support large-venue installations, the Colorific PX9510, PW9520, PU9530, and SU964 provide up to 6,500 spec’d ANSI lumens and they are aiming them at command and control rooms, houses of worship, conference rooms, and other large spaces. Dubbed the P-Series, […]

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VIVITEK Adds New Wireless Pocket Projector in Qumi Q6


Vivitek today introduced the LED HD Qumi Q6, a WXGA pocket projector with 800 ANSI lumens and capable of projecting an image up to 90’’ diagonal (in the dark). The Q6 also uses an LED light source that’s spec’d at 30,000 hours of use. The Q6 uses the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connection port for […]

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EIKI Debuts 12K Lumen EK-800U DLP Projector Capable of Projecting in Portrait Mode


Eiki International has just launched its new EK-800U single chip DLP projector specified at 12,000 ANSI Lumen brightness and a 5,000:1 (DA:ON) contrast ratio. The WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution EK-800U inputs include VGA, HDMI, HDBaseT and 3G HD-SDI. Integrated with powered zoom and focus as well as vertical and horizontal lens shift (V: +- 60%, H: […]

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Christie Captiva Is Shortest Short Throw Ever


Christie just launched the Captiva Series of 1-chip DLP laser/phosphor illuminated ultra short throw projectors capable of projecting 140″ diagonal in landscape or portrait mode. With the choice of a 3,500-lumen HD 1920×1080 (DHD400S) or 1920×720 resolution, 3,000-lumen (DUW350S) aspect ratios, the Christie Captiva Series is aimed at classroom, conference room or retail environments. Based […]

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Epson Expands EX-Series Projector Lineup with Sub- $1,000 Pro Series


Epson today introduced new Pro series portable projectors including the EX9200 Pro (WUXGA) and the EX7240 Pro (WXGA ) models. In addition, Epson introduced an EX3240, a portable version. All three models are spec’d at 3,200 lumens, a 10,000 hour lamp life and native HD (1080 or 720) display capability. The EX9200 Pro is a […]

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NEC Debuts New M Series


NEC Display just announced a new generation of M Series short-throw projectors that are aimed at collaboration application. Using the latest DLP technology from Texas Instruments, the 3,300-lumen M333XS and 3,500-lumen M353WS models deliver contrast ratio specs at 10,000:1, are filter free, and have 0.6:1 and 0.48:1 throw ratios, respectively. Environmentally-friendly features include ECO Mode […]

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Christie Debuts Solaria CP2208 Compact Digital Cinema Projector


Christie today launched a value-priced digital cinema offering, the Christie CP2208, aimed at theaters with screen sizes less than 10.6 meters (35 feet) wide that require an affordable solution in a compact footprint. The latest in a line of Xenon-lamp based Christie Solaria projector solutions, the CP2208 was unveiled today at the Beijing International Radio, TV & […]

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Wolf Cinema Enters ProAV Market with Seven New Projectors


Wolf Cinema, a company known for high-end residential projectors, has announced an entirely new division focusing on projector for the ProAV market of business, prosumer, education and commercial environments. Starting at just $2,995 list, these seven new Wolf Cinema PRO projectors include multiple primary lens options, ample image offsets plus advanced integration capabilities with automation […]

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EIKI International Intros 8,000 ANSI Lumen Projector With Built-In Edge Blending and Image Warping


Eiki International has introduced the new EIP-UHS100 single chip DLP projector, with a specified 8,000 ANSI lumen brightness and a 2400:1 contrast ratio. Featuring a native WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution, the new EIP-UHS100 supports analog and digital video inputs, including 3G HD-SDI and HDMI, in all color standards up to 1080p. The new EIP-UHS100 projector has […]

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BenQ Adds Two New M6 Projector Models for Small Corporate Solutions


BenQ America has added two new models to its M6 Series of projectors. The MX631ST and MW632ST short-throw projectors are specified at 3,200 lumens of brightness with 13,000:1 contrast ratio. Standard features include SmartEco power-saving technology, auto keystone setup tools, expanded connectivity options and the ability to fill up to a 100-inch screen at a […]

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InFocus Adds Five New Projectors Aimed at ED market


InFocus Corporation today announced its newest classroom-optimized projectors – the IN110x series. InFocus designed the five new projectors, which each feature 3200-lumen brightness and 15,000:1 contrast ratio, to fit school budgets and the ambient-light levels of most classrooms. Each model has a majority of the same connectivity options, but differ in native resolution, aspect ratio, […]

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Christie Demos World’s First 4K OmniDirectional 3DLP Projector Running 120Hz


Christie is introducing the Christie Mirage 304K projector featuring 120Hz and omnidirectional capabilities June 24-26 at IVR, Japan’s largest 3D and high definition image technology exhibition. Delivering 30,000 lumens and 3DLP technology, the Christie Mirage 304K is designed for 3D applications and advanced visualization for industries including automotive, location-based entertainment, government, military, oil and gas, […]

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Hitachi Debuts CP-TW2505 and CP-TW3005 LCD Projectors


Hitachi today introduced its CP-TW2505 and CP-TW3005 LCD interactive projectors — both with 10,000:1 contrast ratio and aimed at K-12, higher education and corporate users. The Interactive Pen and multiple pen capability allow the use of interactive pens (two are supplied) to write, draw, point, navigate and more. In addition, an available FT-01 Finger Touch […]

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Hitachi’s CP-BW301WN and CP-BX301WN Short Throw LCD Projectors Are Aimed at Classrooms


Hitachi America is introducing its CP-BW301WN and CP-BX301WN Short Throw LCD projectors designed for classroom installation that demands a projector refresh utilizing the existing wall-arm mount. The new CP-BW301WN provides WXGA 1280×800 resolution with 3,000 lumens brightness and CP-BX301WN provides XGA 1024×768 resolution with 3,200 lumens brightness for more vivid and realistic images up to […]

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Gary Catches up with Mike Levi of Digital Projection


Mike Levi, president of Digital Projection, took the time this morning to talk to Gary about how they launched both new entry-level projection products as well as high-end projectors using laser. DPI used to be known as a company that focused on the high-end of the market but now they have an entry-level projector line […]

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EIKI Launches 14K Lumen, 3-Chip DLP Projector at InfoComm


Eiki International announced the new EIP-UJT100 DLP WUXGA (1920×1200) projector at InfoComm. Spec’d at 14,000 ANSI Lumens, the EIP-UJT100 is a 3-chip DLP (three 0.96-inch DMD DLP chips) projector with four digital inputs (HDMI/DisplayPort), HDBaseT and 3G HD-SDI. With its support for DICOM Simulation mode, the EIP-UJT100 is well designed for viewing grayscale images such […]

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Hitachi Adds CP-WU8461 and CP-WU8451 LCD Projectors Featuring HDBaseT


Hitachi America today introduced its CP-WU8461 and CP-WU8451 LCD projectors, two new models that offer HDBaseT capability along with improved contrast, WUXGA resolution and numerous additional enhancements. The CP-WU8461 and CP-WU8451 are aimed at mid- and large-sized auditoriums and venues. The CP-WU8461 and CP-WU8451 are able to receive video signals from distances of more than […]

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Sony to Launch New Laser and Lamp Projectors at InfoComm


Sony is taking aim again at the mid-brightness class projector market with a combination of new laser and lamp models that meet diverse installation and budget requirements for business, academic, large venue or entertainment use. The new projectors include two 3LCD laser models (VPL-FHZ65 and VPL-FHZ60) to expand Sony’s growing line of Z-Phosphor laser light […]

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Sony Launches Three New Business Projectors


Sony is adding three new models to its line of professional projectors aimed at both the corporate and education markets. The new compact (well, relatively) projectors include the VPL-EW348, VPL-EW345 and VPL-EX345 models. Each model is specified at 4,200 lumens and uses a new BrightEra 3LCD panel (WXGA 0.75”, XGA 0.63” size). The VPL-EW348 model […]

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Sony Launches Two New 4K Laser-Phosphor Projectors


Sony has two new 4K resolution projectors that use laser/phosphor technology. The new Sony VPL-GTZ270 is designed for entertainment use including planetariums, theme parks, museums and retail, while the VPL-GTZ280 is designed for simulation, visualization and training. Both are 5,000-lumen models with native 4K (4096×2160) resolution, and join Sony’s VPL-GTZ1 model to create a family […]

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