Elite Debuts Outdoor Yard Master Electric Screen Line


Elite Screens today announced the launch of its Yard Master Electric series of retractable outdoor projector screens. The Yard Master Electric is the motorized variant of Elite’s outdoor “roll-up” projector screen. It’s an enameled weather resistant aluminum casing that’s designed for a backyard, patio, pool deck, or anywhere outside. The components are made from rustproof […]

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dnp Intros Ambient Light Rejecting RETRACTABLE Screen


Tomorrow, dnp will launch something the company is calling the Supernova Flex Classic. The dnp Supernova Flex Classic is available in 100” or 120” sizes in 16:9 format, and 100” and 110” in 16:10 format using the company’s ISF certified 08-85 Supernova material. The screen rolls up and down quickly at the touch of a […]

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Crystal Projection Screens to Debut 16:9 Screens at CEDIA


Crystal Screens by Luminit LLC will introduce projection screens for the residential market at this year’s CEDIA Expo. Crystal Screens replaces the age-old screen manufacturing process with nanolens technology and the result is excellent ambient light rejection, zero hot spots, wide viewing angle and high gain. Originally developed for the aerospace industry by optical scientists, […]

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dnp Debuts AV furniture for dnp LaserPanels


dnp denmark has teamed up with a Danish furniture company to create a projector cabinet for the dnp LaserPanel that keeps the projector out of sight. The projector cabinet can be combined with side cabinets, so customers can create unique integrated display and storage solutions in a clean Danish design. The new projector cabinet is […]

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Stewart Filmscreen to Launch New Phantom High Ambient Light Rejecting Screen at CEDIA


Stewart Filmscreen will unveil something they are calling Phantom HALR, a high ambient light rejecting projection screen material. A flexible front projection material ideally designed for fixed-frame wall screen or electric roller screen applications, Phantom HALR is designed for day and night applications. The Phantom HALR black screen technology has what Stewart is saying are […]

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Draper’s New Profile Design Is Industry’s Biggest Thin Bezel Screen


Draper’s completely redesigned Profile fixed screen has only a ½ inch thin bezel frame yet, is available in sizes up to 30 feet wide — this is perfect for HomeAV and digital signage applications as the Profile gives the projected image a “flat panel look.” Draper says that size isn’t the Profile’s only advantage as […]

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Elite Screen’s Manual Grande Large-Venue Screens Debut


Elite Screens believes there’s a strong demand for manual screens again — so they are launching a new line of them. The Manual Grande is designed to accommodate large group presentations and its operation incorporates a bead-chain-clutch system similar to the mechanism used in controlling large window drapes. Elite Screens claims this is important because […]

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Crystal Projection Screens Debuts New Screen Technology at InfoComm


Crystal Screens by Luminit LLC is introducing a projection screen for the ProAV market at this year’s InfoComm in Las Vegas, Nevada (Booth# N2373B). Crystal Screens uses nanolens technology that was originally developed for the aerospace industry by optical scientists. Crystal Screens’ holographic technology creates a random surface that manipulates light energy. The result is […]

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dnp to demonstrate ALR Screens at InfoComm 2016


dnp denmark will be showcasing their stellar Supernova Screens at InfoComm 2016 (June 4-10, Las Vegas Convention Center). Their lineup will feature eight different ALR (Ambient Light Rejection) Screens, including a large format dnp Supernova Infinity, dnp Supernova XL, dnp LaserPanel Touch, dnp Supernova Blade and three unique solutions from their family of Short Throw […]

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Elite Screens Debuted the WhiteboardScreen TE


Elite Screen’s WhiteboardScreen Thin Edge (TE) series is the latest in Elite’s line of whiteboard-projection screens designed to work with today’s standard, short throw and UST projectors. It uses Elite’s Versawhite 1.1 gain matte white projection surface that allows for a wide viewing angle for training/classroom applications. The material is coated with a scratch-resistant optical […]

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Elite Screens Debuts Whiteboard Projection Screens


Elite Screens recently announced the launch of its new line of whiteboard projection screens. The multi-role combination of a whiteboard and theater-grade projection screen is interesting for a classroom or training facility. The Whiteboard Screen-TE or “Thin Edge” classroom projection screen combines the two most vital classroom visual aids by providing theater-grade imagery and a […]

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dnp Ships Supernova Blade


The dnp Supernova Blade is a frameless front projection screen designed for use in meeting rooms, retail environments and residential applications to create a floating-like image. Only 3 millimeters thick and available in sizes 100”, 110” and 120” in 16:9, it’s also available in custom sizes. The screen has a clean look and slim-line format […]

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Next Step in Flat Screens? It’s Optical Laser Panels


At ISE 2016, dnp denmark will present what it calls “the next step in the evolution of flat screens,” optical laser panels. The new generation of dnp LaserPanels offers 100” high-contrast images at around 50 percent of the cost per screen area square inch of LED-backlit LCD screens. And as the dnp LaserPanel uses a laser projector, low running […]

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Elite Debuts New Starling Series Screens


Elite’s Starling Series has just launched its second generation of motorized electric projector screens with new features aimed at the higher-end CE retail market. Dubbed the Starling 2, it’s an enhancement of the company’s Elite motorized retractable projection screen. It is available with its Spectra White FG material along with a stronger, faster tubular motor. There are also integrated up-down controls […]

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Stewart Filmscreen to Debut Home Version of LuminEsse ‘Edgeless’ Fixed Frame Wallscreen at CEDIA


Stewart Filmscreen will introduce its new LuminEsse at CEDIA – a fixed frame wallscreen system to the custom AV installation market. The LuminEsse fixed frame front projection wall screen has been sold through their commercial AV group for almost a year, but has not yet been shown to the residential AV market. Using an edgeless […]

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Entry-Level Screen Goo Basic Paint Now Available Worldwide


Goo Systems is the maker of Screen Goo, a high end projection paintable surface used for home theaters, small meeting rooms and classrooms. However, there are other applications where depth of image is not as much of a consideration. Displaying spreadsheets in a boardroom or classroom or projecting hymn lyrics in a church sanctuary and […]

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Screen Innovations’ Updates Zero Edge Flex, Adds Maestro Acoustically Transparent Weave


Screen Innovations (SI) has updated its Zero Edge FLEX frame style and added the company’s Maestro White and Maestro Gray acoustically transparent, woven, screens. SI claims the Zero Edge design has broken the rigidity barrier with a new frame that has made on-site assembly easier than ever for custom installers. Zero Edge FLEX easily breaks […]

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Da-Lite Debuts New 0.8 and UST 0.45 Parallax Screens


By now, it’s likely that everyone knows that the new Da-Lite Parallax screen is an OEM’d dnp screen, but dnp is known for awesome ambient rejection screens. And, it means that it’s available to everyone in the ProAV market. Parallax features an advanced optical lens system that rejects light, rather than only diffusing light. This […]

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Screen Innovations’ Slate Just Got Even Bigger


Screen Innovations (SI) has just launched a new design that will create its largest  “affordable” screen option to date with their new Slate Micro Seam — they are claiming it to be the world’s largest ambient-light rejecting screen available in sizes up to 390 inches diagonally in 16:9. With Slate Micro Seam, SI can manufacture […]

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Stewart Filmscreen Takes Aim at Install Market with Non-Tensioned Motorized ElectriScreens Designed for Boardrooms, Classrooms and HOW


Stewart Filmscreen’s new line of Cima NT non-tensioned motorized projector screens will launch at InfoComm 2015 next week. Stewart says the new Cima NT above- or below-ceiling ElectriScreen models deliver the durability, image quality and aesthetics that Stewart is known far but at more competitive, budget-friendly price points. Designed and manufactured in the USA by […]

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Screen Innovations Intros Short Throw Screen for Sony’s LSPX-W1S


Screen Innovations (SI) has launched the Short Throw (ST) projection screen designed exclusively for bottom-throw, ultra short throw projectors. The ST 5 Series screens will be sold to authorized SI dealers and distributors worldwide. SI has also partnered with Sony to distribute the 5 Series Zero Edge ST screens with its new 4K ultra short throw projector for commercial installations and is available […]

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Projection Screens in Education Installs: To Skimp or Not to Skimp?


Every year colleges and universities spend millions of dollars on AV for their presentation spaces and their classrooms. We specify HD projectors with lumens rated from 4,000-8,000. Touch panels and control systems make the technology go, while computers, Blu-Ray players and document cameras create the content. In short, we put a lot of time, thought […]

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Are you PISCR? You Need to Be!


There’s an InfoComm/ANSI standard known as PISCR that every integrator should be familiar with. Why? The PISCR standard provides metrics for measurement and requirements for minimum contrast ratios for rear and front projection audiovisual projected image systems — but, it’s application based; not projection device based. This standard applies to both permanent and temporary installations, […]

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Stewart Filmscreen Debuts Total Close CineCurve Front Projection Screen System at ISE


Stewart Filmscreen has announce the Total Close CineCurve front projection screen system, premiering at Integrated Systems Europe 2015 this week. According to Stewart, this constant-height/variable-width masking system provides displays content at various aspect ratios on a super-wide curved screen. Finished in Stewart’s luxurious VeLux black appliqué finish, the screen absorbs over-scan and increases perceived contrast. […]

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dnp Debuts Supernova XL, Large Optical Front Screen


dnp Denmark has launched what it’s calling the Supernova XL — the world’s largest optical front projection screen available as a single screen solution. With an image area of up to 5.3×3 meters (that’s a 240” diagonal 16:9 screen, by the way), the Supernova XL Screen is designed to be rolled up during transportation. The […]

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Saker Projection Screen From Elite Ships In Tensioned And Standard Fiberglass-Backed Versions


Elite Screens Friday announced that its Saker electric projection screen is now available with a tensioned variation to its original fiberglass-backed material option. The Saker electric projection screen is designed for the CE retail and pro AV sales channels. The streamlined and durable accurate profiled casing is available in a white color coating. It features […]

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New Free-Standing Whiteboard-Projection Screen from Elite


Elite Screens has debuted a free-standing 4’H x 10’W whiteboard and projection screen – the WB4X10HW. It is designed for use with short throw projectors while serving a dual purpose as a magnetic dry-erase instructional whiteboard. Its mobile (on casters) with a free-standing mount (ZWBMS-4X10) attaches quickly to form a stable upright display. Of course, […]

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Draper Focuses on Projection at CEDIA 2014


Draper, Inc. will be showing off several new viewing surfaces certified by the Imaging Science Foundation for excellent color reproduction and fidelity during CEDIA 2014 in Denver. Among the ISF-certified surfaces on display will be Draper’s TecVision Engineered Screen Technology. Available in six formulations for now, TecVision features white surfaces with gains ranging from 1.0 […]

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