PreSonus Ships Quantum Thunderbolt Interface


PreSonus is now shipping its Quantum Thunderbolt 2 interface. The 26 x 32-channel Quantum is the company’s fastest audio/MIDI interface, as it uses the Thunderbolt 2 bus and a direct-to-DAW signal path. Spec’d at 24-bit, 192 kHz converters with 120 dB of dynamic range and PreSonus’ recallable XMAX microphone preamps combine to deliver superb audio […]

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PreSonus Ships AudioBox USB 96 and AudioBox 96 Studio Recording Kit


PreSonus is shipping its compact new AudioBox USB 96 audio/MIDI recording interface, which makes recording at up to 24-bit, 96 kHz simpler. Bus-powered and built to travel, the AudioBox USB 96 offers two front-panel combo mic/instrument inputs. The AudioBox USB 96 is also the centerpiece of PreSonus’ new AudioBox 96 Studio recording kit. It’s designed […]

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PreSonus Ships Ultra-High-Def Studio 2|6 and 6|8 Interfaces


PreSonus is now shipping its Studio 26 and Studio 68 USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interfaces. Both interfaces record at up to 24-bit, 192 kHz resolution and feature PreSonus’ XMAX microphone preamps, audiophile-grade digital converters, ultra-low-jitter clocking, and MIDI I/O. As with all PreSonus recording systems, Studio-series interfaces come with the company’s Studio One Artist DAW software and Studio Magic Plug-in Suite for Mac and Windows. The Studio Magic […]

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PreSonus Announces New Commercial Division


PreSonus Audio Electronics is pleased to announce the launch of the company’s new PreSonus Commercial Division. In addition to products previously sold and marketed under the WorxAudio and PreSonus brands, PreSonus has, for years, offered a comprehensive range of mixing consoles, processors, and other products that complement WorxAudio offerings. By combining all these products under the PreSonus brand and […]

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PreSonus Announces Quantum Thunderbolt Interface


The 26×32-channel Quantum is PreSonus’ fastest audio/MIDI interface and takes advantage of the high-speed Thunderbolt 2 bus. Using 24-bit, 192 kHz converters with 120 dB of dynamic range and PreSonus’ recallable XMAX microphone preamps, you can actually stack up to four Quantum interfaces via Thunderbolt to create a monster 96×96 system. The Quantum offers two combo mic/instrument/line inputs and six combo […]

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PreSonus Introduces StudioLive 24 Digital Console/Recorder


PreSonus’ new 24-channel StudioLive 24 digital console/recorders further extends the company’s third-generation StudioLive Series III line, which launched earlier this year with the 16-channel StudioLive 16 and 32-channel StudioLive 32. Like all Series III consoles, StudioLive 24 further improves on the StudioLive’s legendary ease of use while letting you customize workflow and operations to fit […]

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PreSonus Debuts Monitor Mix Control from Android and iOS Devices


PreSonus is shipping QMix-UC, a new version of the company’s free monitor-mix control app for PreSonus StudioLive mixers. With QMix-UC, up to 14 musicians can simultaneously control their monitor (aux) mixes wirelessly from their mobile device. Redesigned from the ground up to support the new StudioLive Series III mixers, QMix-UC adds support for Studio 192-series interfaces and now runs […]

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PreSonus Ships ULT10 Long-Throw Loudspeaker


PreSonus is shipping the ULT10, the newest model in the company’s ULT line of active loudspeakers. ULT full-range loudspeakers combine the widest horizontal dispersion of any loudspeaker in their class with a focused vertical dispersion for an ultra-long throw. The result is even coverage throughout the space, enabling the audience to hear clearly wherever they […]

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PreSonus Unveils Third-Generation StudioLive Series III Consoles


PreSonus’ new third-generation StudioLive Series III digital console/recorders launches with two models: the 16-channel StudioLive 16, with 17 touch-sensitive, motorized faders and 17 recallable XMAX preamps and the flagship StudioLive 32, with 33 touch-sensitive, motorized faders and 33 recallable XMAX preamps. The new 24- and 40-input consoles further improve on the StudioLive’s legendary ease of […]

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PreSonus FaderPort 8 Makes DAW Control Faster


The PreSonus FaderPort 8 Mix Production Controller connects via USB 2.0 to provide precise tactile control DAW’s mix and automation functions, including complete transport control. With eight touch-sensitive, motorized, 100-millimeter faders and 57 buttons covering 78 different functions, you can quickly zoom in on audio files for editing, adjust your click-track tempo with a simple […]

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PreSonus Releases StudioLive AR USB Hybrid Mixers


PreSonus is now shipping its StudioLive AR USB-series hybrid mixers. The series includes three models: the 18-channel StudioLive AR16 USB, 14-channel StudioLive AR12 USB and eight-channel StudioLive AR8 USB. StudioLive AR USB mixers are equipped with a Mac- and Windows-compatible, 24-bit, 96 kHz, USB 2.0 audio interface that can capture all input channels and the […]

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PreSonus Ships StudioLive RML-series Rack-Mount Digital Mixers


PreSonus is now shipping two new StudioLive RML-series models that offer line-level inputs, in addition to the XLR mic inputs found in the RM series. Designed for live-sound mixing and studio recording, StudioLive RML16AI and RML32AI mixers provide 32 internal channels and 25 buses, a 52×34 FireWire 800 recording interface, AVB Ethernet networking, and Fat […]

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PreSonus Ships ULT-series Loudspeakers


PreSonus is shipping its new ULT-series active loudspeakers, which combine their widest horizontal dispersion with a focused vertical dispersion for an ultra-long throw. PreSonus says the result is even coverage throughout the space, enabling the audience to hear clearly wherever they are. Designed for both mobile use and permanent installations by PreSonus’ WorxAudio commercial loudspeaker […]

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Updates Enable Cascading StudioLive RM-series Mixers and More


PreSonus has released a series of related updates for StudioLive RM16AI and RM32AI 32x16x3 rack-mount Active Integration digital mixers; StudioLive AI-series consoles; the StudioLive CS18AI control surface; UC Surface touch-control software for Mac, Windows and iOS; Capture 2 recording software; and Studio One recording and production software (DAW). With the new firmware update, two StudioLive […]

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PreSonus Unveils Studio 192 Mobile Audio Interface/Studio Command Center


PreSonus is shipping its new Studio 192 Mobile USB 3.0 22 x 26 audio interface and studio command center. Studio 192 Mobile claims the same high-end audio, low-latency monitoring, tight software integration, and studio command center functionality introduced in PreSonus’ Studio 192 audio interface but in a smaller form factor suitable for both mobile and […]

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PreSonos Launches StudioLive AVB Mix System


PreSonus unveiled its new StudioLive AVB Mix Systems, which combine one or two StudioLive RM-series rack mixers, a StudioLive CS18AIEthernet/AVB control surface, and integrated control, recording, and production software. Scalable, fully recallable, networked over AVB Ethernet, and tightly integrated with included software, the StudioLive AVB Mix Systems put your I/O in an onstage, rack-mount mixing […]

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PreSonus Notion for iOS Adds Handwriting and Apple Pencil Support


The latest update to PreSonus Notion for iOS takes mobile music creation to the next level with a new in-app purchase that adds handwriting recognition for iPad users. Using a finger or stylus, you can write music in your own handwriting and see it effortlessly convert to digital notation. And with an Apple Pencil on […]

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PreSonus Intros R65 and R80 Active AMT Monitors


PreSonus’ new R80 active studio monitor speakers offer a custom Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter, which delivers fast transient response to provide exceptionally detailed resolution. These biamped monitors feature Class D power amplifiers, with 100W RMS driving the woofer and 50W RMS driving the AMT tweeter, making them some of the most powerful monitor speakers […]

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PreSonus Intros HP2 Personal Headphone Amplifier


Designed for live events without compromising audio quality, the PreSonus HP2 stereo personal headphone amplifier is designed for driving wired in-ear monitors (IEMs), as well as headphones. Portable and compact, it offers two XLR line-level inputs and one stereo 1/8-inch headphone output with volume control. Operation can be switched between stereo and mono, and a […]

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PreSonus’ Eris E44 and E66 MTM Monitors Provide Ultra-Wide Imaging


PreSonus’ new Eris E44 and E66 two-way active MTM studio monitors claim to deliver an expanded frequency range and the widest stereo field in their class, due to their nested Midwoofer-Tweeter-Midwoofer (MTM, also known as “D’Appolito”) design. The result is a more consistent listening experience on- and off-axis. The E44 and E66 nested MTM configuration […]

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PreSonus Unveils Next-Generation DigiMax DP88 Preamp/Converter


The PreSonus DigiMax DP88 eight-channel microphone preamplifier and A/D/A converter combines eight remote-controllable mic preamps with remote control features with the new Studio 192 audio interface. The newest member of the company’s DigiMax series, the 24-bit, 96 kHz DigiMax DP88 has an audio path using by Burr-Brown A/D/A converters with 118 dB of dynamic range. […]

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PreSonus Ships AVB Networking for StudioLive Active Integration Mixers


PreSonus is now shipping its SL-AVB-MIX Audio Video Bridging (AVB) audio networking option card for StudioLive AI-series console and StudioLive RM-series rack-mount Active Integration mixers. These options allow you to create a complete, networked live-sound solution, using CAT5e or CAT6 cables instead of a snake—and that’s just the beginning. AVB enables precisely synchronized, real-time, low-latency, […]

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PreSonus Adds Dante Networking to StudioLive AI Loudspeakers


PreSonus has introduced the SL-Dante-SPK, an optional input card that adds Dante networking to the company’s StudioLive AI-series Active Integration loudspeakers, making StudioLive AI-series the first Dante-enabled active loudspeakers on the market. The SL-Dante-SPK card houses one network port for Dante audio networking and remote control via the free SL Room Control application for StudioLive […]

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PreSonus Debuts Bluetooth Speakers


Designed for music enthusiasts, gamers, home theater and personal studios, PreSonus’ new Ceres C3.5BT and C4.5BT active speakers are wireless Bluetooth audio streaming speakers with an 1/8″ stereo input on the front. The Ceres C3.5BT and C4.5BT series speakers have EQ capability, a dedicated sub out port and feature 3.5-inch and 4.5-inch Kevlar low frequency […]

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PreSonus’ Updates Progression 3, Now Available


PreSonus is shipping Progression 3, an upgrade to its composing software for guitar, bass and drums. Sonos says this new version makes it easier than ever to write your ideas quickly and includes an enhanced chord library, new effects from PreSonus Studio One, a Capo feature and many notation and publishing improvements. Progression and its […]

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PreSonus Delivers Complete Mobile Recording Studio


PreSonus’ new USB 2.0 bus-powered AudioBox iOne audio interface and AudioBox iTwo audio/MIDI interface are universally compatible with Mac, Windows and Apple iPad. These mobile interfaces include PreSonus’ Studio One Artist DAW for Mac and Windows, new Capture Duo recording software for iPad and a Nimbit Free account for online direct-to-fan distribution of music, merchandise […]

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PreSonus and OBEDIA Offer PreSonus-Certified Music Computers


PreSonus has announced the PCAudioLabs PSc Rok and PSc Rak computers powered by OBEDIA. These new music-production computers are loaded with PreSonus Studio One Professional 2 DAW, Capture live-recording software for StudioLive mixers, and drivers for every PreSonus FireWire and USB interface and for all StudioLive and StudioLive AI-series digital mixers. Each system is backed […]

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StudioLive AI Mixers to Add Cascading


PreSonus has announced a new digital mixing solution that provides up to 64-channels, multi-track recording, networked remote control for under $8,000 U.S. This solution will be available via an upcoming firmware upgrade for all StudioLive AI-series Active Integration digital mixers. Users will be able to start with 16, 24, or 32 channels, then cascade a […]

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Free PreSonus SL Room Control is Designed for StudioLive AI-series Loudspeakers


PreSonus’ free SL Room Control is system-control and performance-monitoring software for StudioLive AI Active Integration loudspeakers. The software runs under Mac OS X 10.7 and later, Windows 7 or 8, and iOS 7 and will later run on Apple iPad 2 or later. Tightly integrated with StudioLive AI-series speakers, PreSonus says that its SL Room […]

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PreSonus Temblor T10 Subwoofer Offers More User Control


PreSonus is shipping its new Temblor T10 subwoofer that’s designed to complement full-range studio reference monitors, including the PreSonus Eris and Sceptre, without overshadowing them. Presonus says the T10 is intended for serious personal studios and professional music-production environments, offering a tight low end due to fast and accurate transient response and providing user controls […]

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