Parasound Intros New Mid-Range Zphono XRM


Parasound has introduced the $599 Zphono XRM phono preamplifier, which bridges the price gap between its entry-level $200 Zphono and the higher end $1,495 Halo JC 3 Jr. The new model includes balanced XLR outputs, a switchable rumble filter and a mono-stereo switch, plus continuously variable load adjustment for moving coil cartridges. Separate input jacks […]

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Audix Microphone Presets Now on Allen & Heath Qu Series Digital Mixers


Audix has announced a collaboration with Allan & Heath on adding presets for the Allen & Heath Qu series of compact digital mixers. The new ProFactory mic presets cover a wide range of popular Audix models, including the SCX25A condenser vocal microphone, the D2, D4, D6, and i5 dynamic instrument microphones and the OM series of dynamic vocal microphones, and will help Qu users of all abilities quickly […]

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ATC Ships New CDA2 Mk2 CD/DAC/Preamplifier


Lone Mountain Audio, the importer of ATC Loudspeaker Technology, has announced the arrival of the CDA2 Mk2 CD/DAC Preamp. Developed as the partner for ATC’s latest P2 power amplifier and active speaker designs, the Mk2 combines convenient USB access to music streaming with an upgraded CD transport and DAC board, dedicated headphone amplification, expanded input choices and analogue circuits […]

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AudioControl Ships New Maestro M5 Theater Processor


The Maestro M5, one of AudioControl’s next generation preamp processors (along with the Maestro M9), supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive audio surround formats plus Dirac Live room correction along with dual balanced XLR inputs and balanced XLR outputs for all channels, including height. Behind the Espresso Black brushed aluminum front panel, the Maestro M5 […]

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StormAudio Adds Remote Monitoring, Audio Over IP, 7.2 HDMI Board Upgrade and 20-Channel Capability


At CEDIA Expo StormAudio (booth #820) will be highlighting new feature sets built into its line of preamplifier processors. The new capabilities are full system monitoring via the web, an audio over IP upgrade, a 7.2 HDMI upgrade and expansion from 16-channels to 20. The new features are available on all new StormAudio products as well as those previously delivered, which […]

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Bryston Launches BP-173 Preamplifier


Bryston has announced the introduction of the new BP-173 (Cubed Series) preamplifier that features a new expanded input/output configuration. Bryston’s super-linear, low noise input buffer (jointly developed by Bryston and the late engineer Dr. Ioan Alexandru Salomie) significantly reduces noise and distortion, according to the company. The BP-173 also has improved RF and audio frequency noise filtering to prevent unwanted anomalies on the […]

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Behringer Releases TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC500USB


Betting that audiophiles will appreciate a tube-based amplifier again, Behringer has launched a small tube preamplifier in the form of the TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC500USB. Although transistors have succeeded the tube-based amplifier market of the 70’s, many musicians agree that tubes deliver a far superior sound. The TUBE ULTRAGAIN MIC500USB’s hand-selected 12AX7 vacuum tube gives everything […]

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Parasound Debuts New Zpre3 Half-Rack Width Stereo Preamp


Parasound has introduced the Zpre3, its third generation stereo preamplifier for custom installation, in its Z-Custom half-rack-width product line. The compact Parasound Zpre3 is a five-source stereo preamplifier designed to deliver to sound like a big one. It will be useful to professional custom installers, with a unique feature set that includes discrete IR remote […]

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Neets Audio Amplifier 2:25 and Neets Rack Shelf Ships


Neets just announced it is shipping its new Neets Audio Preamplifier, Neets Audio Amplifier and Neets Rack Shelf. The Neets Audio Preamplifier is a network controlled audio preamplifier controlled through LAN or RS-232. The Preamplifier adds additional RS-232 and I/O ports for expansion of the AV system and integrates with Neets and 3rd party control […]

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PreSonus Unveils Next-Generation DigiMax DP88 Preamp/Converter


The PreSonus DigiMax DP88 eight-channel microphone preamplifier and A/D/A converter combines eight remote-controllable mic preamps with remote control features with the new Studio 192 audio interface. The newest member of the company’s DigiMax series, the 24-bit, 96 kHz DigiMax DP88 has an audio path using by Burr-Brown A/D/A converters with 118 dB of dynamic range. […]

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HARMAN’s dbx Ships 676 Tube Mic Pre Channel Strip


HARMAN-owned dbx today announced the 676 Tube Mic Pre Channel Strip is now shipping. The dbx 676 is a vacuum tube-based microphone preamplifier that employs a high-gain, Class preamp section based around a 12AU7 vacuum tube that can be adjusted to be clean and pure-sounding or dirty and full of harmonic character. The 676 incorporates […]

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Rotel Introduces New RSP-1582 Reference Surround Processor


Rotel Electronics has just launched what it’s calling a “reference” surround processor: the RSP-1582. Rotel says the DACs in the RSP-1582 preamp/processor consist of six 24-bit/192kHz  Wolfson WM8740 chips, four dedicated DACs for the front left, front right, center and subwoofer channels and shared stereo DACs for the rear and surround channels. Also included is […]

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Balanced Audio Technology Intros New Amps at CEDIA 2014


The VK-3000SE integrated amplifier from Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) serves as the heart of a music system, combining a vacuum-tube preamplifier and 150 watts-per-channel solid-state stereo amplifier into one component. The VK-3000SE employs balanced circuit topology, which BAT claims amplifies musical signals while blocking unwanted electronic noise, to ensure total signal purity. The VK-3000SE is […]

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TASCAM Features UH-7000 Mic Pre/USB Interface at NAB


TASCAM is presenting its new UH-7000 USB Mic Pre to the broadcast market for the first time at the 2014 NAB Show. The 4×4-channel audio interface is a standalone microphone preamp that features the company’s HDIA (High Definition Instrumentation Architecture), an entirely new design for microphone preamps, which ensures clean sound reproduction with a high […]

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Vincent Audio Introduces New High-Powered Amplifier and Preamplifier


Vincent Audio has introduced what they are calling “high performance versions” of two of their most popular hybrid vacuum tube/solid-state power amplifiers and preamplifiers. The new Vincent SA-31MK stereo preamplifier and SP-331MK Class A/AB stereo power amplifier are based on the current SA-31 preamplifier and SP-331 Class AB power amplifier, which will continue in the […]

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