VIVITEK Adds New Wireless Pocket Projector in Qumi Q6


Vivitek today introduced the LED HD Qumi Q6, a WXGA pocket projector with 800 ANSI lumens and capable of projecting an image up to 90’’ diagonal (in the dark). The Q6 also uses an LED light source that’s spec’d at 30,000 hours of use. The Q6 uses the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) connection port for […]

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Optoma’s Next Gen Pocket Projector


Optoma has launched the next generation of its pocket projector, Pico PK102. Although not an education-type product, it’s worth mentioning since this tiny pocket projector has a memory card, a VGA input port and is aimed at small presentation environments.  The transfer and storage of photos, movies or PowerPoint/Keynote presentations onto the Pico PK102 is […]

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Little-Known AIPTEK Launches Pocket Projector with Built-in Media Server (Sort-of)


Like all the other pocket-projectors out there, Aiptek’s new PocketCinema is barely bright enough to see at 50”, but it’s unique in that it has a 1GB flash card input that’s programmed to automatically play JPGs, MP3s and MP4s (AVI, ASF, MP4, H.264) via the projector – so, theoretically, if you can fit a movie […]

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