The Power of Names

September 29, 2017

Names have power. Names matter. Decades of fantasy literature have taught us that. Kvothe, the kingkiller, gained control of the very air itself when he learned and spoke the name of the wind. In the wizarding world, nobody would dare speak the name of Lord Voldemort. On Roke Island, the young Sparrowhawk learned the secret […]

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Owner-Furnished Equipment Isn’t An After-Thought — Don’t Treat It as Such

July 21, 2015

Earlier this year I had a client ask the specifications of the “PC – OFE” (Personal Computer – Owner Furnished Equipment) in one of their conference rooms. This was a series of near-identical videoconferencing rooms designed quite a few years ago and now approaching the completion of installation. What followed was a discussion both frustrating […]

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Instant Replay, Microphones, and When It’s Wrong to Be Right

April 20, 2015

How is instant replay like a gooseneck microphone? As some of you might know, I’m a dedicated baseball fan – specifically of the New York Mets. In recent years, Major League Baseball has added an  instant replay system in which a dedicated team in a remote location are available to review close plays if a […]

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The Pixel and Ink-Stained Wretch vs. Residential Tech: My Experiences with Nest and Lyric

December 11, 2014

Now that I own a home out in suburbia, I have cause to sample the residential side of the tech market. As winter approaches, I’m making a two-pronged attack on the elements — low tech (weatherstripping and better attic insulation) and high (a new fancy thermostat). As this is a half-technology blog we’ll focus on […]

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Fun with HDBaseT

December 5, 2014

HDBaseT has been described as a bridge technology between traditional video transport and IP-based systems, the time for which is rapidly arriving. It’s a technology about which I’ve not been excited for some time; every manufacturer not only uses the same chipset (produced by Valens), but appears to have settled on the same form-factor and […]

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Hard and Soft Thoughts at the NEC Partners’ Showcase

November 17, 2014

I’ve been away from AV writing this month while doing my annual Nightmare Fuel project, but a few weeks ago I was able to take a few minutes of my lunchbreak to attend the NEC Partners’ Showcase. This is one of those neat little events at which one can meet up with friends in the […]

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Infocomm Wrap-up, Part the Fourth — Hits and Misses

June 30, 2014

A week past my return from InfoComm, I’m finally getting to write my overall reflections on the show and what technology I saw there. For further perspectives, visit my esteemed colleague Alex Mayo, who offers his own perspective. Alex is a bright man and a very talented designer with whom I’m quite fortunate to work. […]

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Post InfoComm Wrap-up: Part the Third – The Issue of Booth Babes and A Call to Arms

June 24, 2014

My InfoComm wrap-up will be in FOUR parts this time. Next part will be about technology. Before we get into that, I have something important to say — something about this show which bothers me. Read on. Some of you who follow me on Twitter might have seen my hashtag #AVHallOfShame. It’s one I use […]

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InfoComm Mini Update: Part the Second

June 21, 2014

The second — and final — day of this year’s InfoComm journey is behind me. More when I get home, but here are a few quick impressions: Vaddio debuted its new line of Roboshot cameras. These have some nice features, including installer-adjustable lens stops to configure the same camera for wide angle or tight zoom […]

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A Pixel-And-Ink-Stained Mini-Update: Infocomm 2014

June 19, 2014

Some super-quick pixel-and-ink stained impressions from Day 1 of my InfoComm experience. Expect a longer update when I return to New York and have the time to digest the events of the show and figure out what the overall story is. For now, quick impressions: Pat Brown remains smart. I had the pleasure of a […]

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InfoComm 2014: For What I’ll Be Looking (A Pixel-and-Ink Stained Look Ahead)

June 12, 2014

InfoComm time is almost here! I’ll resume my tradition from last year and share with you my thoughts on things for which to look on the show floor. Those of you following the discussion online should be aware that my esteemed colleague, AV wunderkind Alex Mayo has already weighed in on this from the cubicle […]

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In Praise of Analog — A Visit With the Beyerdynamic Revoluto

June 10, 2014

Digital is fun. Digital is sexy. Digital is what gives us the tools to manipulate sound and video in ways which would have been impossible not too long ago. Today video switchers are digital. Audio mixing consoles are digital. Fancy speaker arrays and even mic arrays are digital. The world is so digital that it […]

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Acquisition Summer: Some Thoughts on the Latest Goings-on in the World of Commercial AV

June 3, 2014

Greetings, friends and followers! My apologies for the various obligations (professional and personal), side-projects, and secret adventures which have kept me away from these pages for the past week. After a weekend off the grid at an undisclosed location I’m refreshed and ready to dive into all of the news in AV-land on this, the […]

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Appreciating the Small Things: A Quick Glance at New Products from Revolabs and Listen Tech

May 12, 2014

Summer is coming, and with it, new product releases. I’ve been lucky enough to get a few sneak peeks at new products due for release this InfoComm. I’ve not seen anything quite earth shattering or revolutionary as of yet, but a string of reminders as to how small, thoughtful decisions can create significant improvements. There […]

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Hardware is Dead! Long Live Hardware! In Defense of the Appliance, and a Look Ahead at Software Solutions

January 13, 2014

Last week Ryan Pinke joined a new tradition in proclaiming the video conference Codec dead. In my own look ahead I posited a potential future free of boxes, in which software solutions largely replace dedicated appliances. Is Pinke right on this one? Have we reached, or are we nearing the end of hardware? I don’t […]

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