Crestron Says It’s Sped Up the Response of Touch Screens With the New TSW Series


Crestron is now shipping the new generation of TSW touch screens, which the company says has faster touch response. The TSW-560, TSW-760 and TSW 1060 are available at the same pricing as the prior generation. New TSW touch screen features include a faster processor, a higher level of network security (enterprise-grade) including 802.1X, TLS, FIPS-140-2, […]

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Crestron Intros Fusion Cloud and Accompanying PinPoint App


If you’re using Crestron’s new Fusion Cloud Platform, or the on-premise version of this enterprise management platform, then you can use the company’s new PinPoint App — a personal, mobile scheduling app that lets employees take control of every aspect of their meetings, including scheduling, setup, execution and completion. Crestron says the app acts like […]

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Crestron Intros PinPoint Mobile for Mobile Control of Enterprise Technology


Crestron’s new PinPoint Mobile app gives end users access to their “full enterprise infrastructure.” They will be able to see their full calendars, find an an available meeting room, book it and invite attendees, not matter their location. One can go into a meeting and instantly take control of the room using the same app. […]

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Crestron Ships PinPoint Proximity Detection Beacon


Crestron is aiming to make smart homes even smarter and personalized with the PinPoint proximity detection beacon. The small PinPoint beacon plugs into a USB charging outlet and communicates with nearby mobile devices. With PinPoint, the Crestron App solves the room default problem associated with mobile devices. PinPoint knows what room a person is in […]

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PolyVision Announces PinPoint for Remote Whiteboard Diagnostics

PolyVision has a new technology for interactive whiteboards diagnostics. PinPoint allows a dealer or PolyVision, or the support staff at the organization, to remotely view any written text on a PolyVision interactive whiteboard as well as the internal readings of the touch sensitive system. This reduces travel time to remote locations, helps in training, makes […]

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