Why the Phoenix Audio’s Condor and Spider Are Perfect for the Meeting Room Market


Phoenix Audio Technologies just launched a video explaining the logic and features of its Condor and Spider product lines — and how they fit in to the meeting room market. The Condor is a 48-inch wide multi-microphone array with a pickup range of up to thirty feet. It also features a built-in SIP phone, which […]

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VDO360 Partners With Phoenix Audio for All-in-One TVC Solutions


VDO360, together with Phoenix Audio Technologies, announce that they have partnered to create high quality product bundles to address videoconferencing needs in the market. VDO360 packages will include its PTZPC system, as well as a Phoenix Audio solution, such as the Condor Microphone Array, Spider Conference Phone, or Duet Personal Speakerphone. “In the Visual Collaboration […]

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Phoenix Audio Technologies Unveils Smart Spider


Phoenix Audio Technologies just launched something called the Smart Spider, a USB speakerphone for medium- to large-sized conference rooms that can also connect to smart devices, tablets or video codecs with the ability to bridge between the different interfaces. Integrated with echo-cancelling, noise suppression, automatic gain control and an intuitive user interface, Smart Spider’s beamforming […]

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