Security Through Light: The World’s First Quantum Secured Video Conference


My readers will know that I tend to focus on topics related to collaboration, user-interaction, and generally building products that help us work together. You may be surprised to learn that a significant amount of my time is spent thinking about security. As devices become increasingly attached to our enterprise networks – those same devices must be […]

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Pakedge New K61-A and K61U-A Gateways Have Six Pre-Configured VLANs


Pakedge Device & Software has just launched the K61-A and K61U-A gateway appliances. Both have six pre-configured VLANs, Pakedge BakPak monitoring and something the company calls TruStream. The K61U-A includes all the features of the K61-A, with the addition of Pakedge’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) network security. UTM provides parental controls and high security by […]

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