NEC Display Details 2019 Showcase Plans with Stops in Chicago, Toronto, NY and California

August 27, 2019

NEC Display Solutions of America is taking its annual NEC Showcase on the road, bringing the latest in visual technology and solutions directly to its partners and end users across North America. This year, in addition to the New York technology showcase being held during Digital Signage Week, NEC Display will hold a showcase in […]

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NEC Shows the ‘Day in the Life’ at Showcase LIVE 2018

May 23, 2018

NEC Display Solutions presented applications for tech usage through a time-line of a typical day at NEC Showcase LIVE 2018. The annual show, this year celebrating its 10th anniversary, saw it reach new levels of success, appealing to an even broader audience. New for 2018, NEC moved to a new Showcase format giving greater focus […]

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The NEC Showcase Was More Than a Day in Digital

May 21, 2018

We just covered one of the most creative manufacturer-based regional shows, ever. NEC Display’s UK office has been holding what they call the NEC Showcase for 10-year now and this year, rAVe was invited to cover the show with a dedicated microsite (just like we do at major shows like InfoComm, CEDIA, ISE, Integrate and […]

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Here’s a LIVE Guided Tour of the NEC Showcase in London

May 20, 2018

NEC UK’s creative team deserves a raise. The 2018 version of the NEC Showcase was themed “Your Day in Digital” and it basically showed how NEC (and its 40+ technology partners) can enhance the average workday. Starting with your Tube ride from home, stopping to grab coffee, arriving at the office and continuing through an average workday […]

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The Owen Ellis Panel Discussion at the 2018 NEC Showcase

May 17, 2018

During this year’s NEC Showcase, AV User Group Chairman Owen Ellis led a panel discussion about the fears (and realities) of adopting new technologies and how to invest carefully. A community of over 700 members of AV pros who benefit from each other’s knowledge and experiences and meet quarterly at forums in London, New York and Hong Kong, the […]

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rAVe Founder Gary Kayye to Speak in NYC October 17

October 9, 2012

rAVe founder Gary Kayye will present a new keynote at the NEC Showcase roadshow in New York City on Oct. 17 called Creating Creative Presentation Environments. It focuses on creating immersive environments — ones that use projectors to completely “immerse” clients in the meeting, the classroom, the museum, the restaurant, the retail store, or the […]

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Gary Kayye to Speak in San Francisco About Creating Creative Environments With Projection

August 3, 2012

On Sept. 6, rAVe founder Gary Kayye will speak in San Francisco at an NEC Showcase event. Kayye will give a new keynote called “Creating Creative Environments — The Future of Projection.” He will explain how projection technology isn’t just for classrooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms any more and how he thinks it’s all about […]

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