InFocus Launches New Mondopad Line Integrated with Quicklaunch


InFocus Corporation announces a new line of Mondopad collaborative display solutions. Comprising 12 models designed around the specific needs and budgets of various office environments and meeting spaces, Mondopad Core, Mondopad Launch and Mondopad Ultra are available in 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch and 86-inch models. With something for every space, including lecture halls, boardrooms or small […]

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InFocus Shows New Mondopads and Projectors at InfoComm


InFocus Corporation has announced the debut of a new of product solutions designed for the conference room, classroom, enterprise and home at InfoComm 2018. The new Mondopad line comprises three models, each of which will be available in 55, 65, 75 and 86-inch models as well as multi-touch 4K or 1080p anti-glare displays: Mondopad Ultra […]

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InFocus Adds 55-Inch Model to Mondopad Collaborative Display Line


InFocus Corporation announced an addition to their Mondopad family in the form of a 55-inch Mondopad INF5522AG. The 55-inch Mondopad is an all-in-one collaboration system that supports HD video conferencing, interactive whiteboarding, web browsing, data sharing, presentation, document annotation and wireless casting. The 55-inch Mondopad features Total Touch Control, a system management interface that eliminates the need for […]

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The Microsoft Surface Hub Is in Big Trouble


A few months back, I wrote a column: Will Microsoft Be Able to Continue to Rip People Off With Their Surface HUB? Most of you agreed; some didn’t. And now, four months after writing that piece, I still think it’s way, way, way overpriced for what you get. But on the same week that Whitlock recently awarded Microsoft’s Surface Hub […]

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InFocus Mondopad Ultra to Make EMEA Debut Next Week


The InFocus Mondopad Ultra — the 4K resolution version of the interactive Mondopad, will make its EMEA debut next week at ISE. Available in  70” (INF7023) or 85” (INF8521) sizes, the native 3840×2160 Mondopad Ultra is integrated with Windows 10 PC with a Core i and processor, a 256GB hard drive, built-in conferencing, wireless BYOD […]

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InFocus Intros Mondopad Ultra


InFocus Corporation today announced its new 70-inch Mondopad Ultra touchscreen collaboration system. The all-in-one video conferencing, interactive whiteboarding, presentation and data sharing display for collaboration. The Mondopad Ultra is 4K (3840×2160) resolution. The InFocus Mondopad all-in-one system enables teams to connect and share any type of content with local and remote audiences. Offering the capabilities […]

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InFocus Adds Projected Capacitive Touch Technology and 4K Resolution


InFocus Corporation is adding capabilities, including projected capacitive touch and 4K resolution, to a variety of its interactive touchscreen and video conferencing solutions, the company announced today. InFocus’ new 65-inch Mondopad, interactive 65-inch and 70-inch JTouch whiteboards, as well as the previously annouced 40-inch JTouch whiteboard and 65-inch Canvas Touch are the first InFocus products […]

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InFocus LightCast Technology in Collaboration Solutions Enables Wireless Device Display and eWhiteboarding


InFocus Corporation today introduced its LightCast technology, which they say enables BYOD connectivity and all-in-one digital whiteboarding and Internet browsing. The company is also launching its first device with the new technology built in, the interactive touchscreen JTouch with LightCast (INF6501c). InFocus’ LightCast technology allows people to wirelessly cast content from their Windows, Apple OSX […]

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InFocus Announces Mondopad 2.0


InFocus has released Mondopad 2.0. The new Mondopad is an all-in-one, video conferencing touchscreen collaboration device for the conference room, classroom, distance education center and multi-point office. In addition, Mondopad 2.0 offers new features that make sharing, annotating, archiving and overall collaboration easier, particularly between multiple locations. The InFocus Mondopad is available in 57-inch, 70-inch […]

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Microsoft Has Figured Out What Sharp, InFocus, SMART Technologies and Clary Icon Already Knew


Although SMART Technologies invented the interactive whiteboard market, and therefore indirectly invented the interactive display market, companies like InFocus — with Mondopad — and Clary Icon as well as Sharp have developed it into more of a mainstream product category in recent years. So much so that Microsoft has now, well, copied it — but, […]

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New InFocus Software Applications Are Designed to Simplify Collaboration from Tablets and PCs


InFocus Corporation has launched two new applications: BigNote 1.2 interactive whiteboard software for PC and BigConnect PC video calling software. InFocus designed the applications to improve how people communicate ideas and capture information wherever they are located. BigNote: BigNote 1.2 interactive whiteboard software, which runs on either a Windows 7 or 8 operating system, enables […]

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Russian Manufacturer Polymedia Takes Aim at InFocus MondoPad


Nearly-unknown Russian manufacturer Polymedia thinks it has a better MondoPad than MondoPad originator InFocus with the FlipBox. Flipbox is a multi-functional, user-friendly interactive display for business meeting rooms from five to 20 attendees. It allows writing and drawing in flip-chart mode, displaying data and demonstrating presentations from flash drives, going on-line and holding video conferences […]

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