TFCinfo Report Shows The Most Preferred Display Brands In House of Worship Market


TFCinfo’s latest market research study, “The Use of Video Displays in American Churches 2014,” reports that roughly half of U.S. churches are looking to purchase and expand upon their projection and video display systems. The house of worship market continues to grow in all segments. Larger churches are buying more projectors and displays than in […]

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Global Large Format Display Market Posts 20% Growth in 2013: Futuresource Consulting


Worldwide shipments of professional flat panel displays increased by 8 percent quarter-on-quarter in CYQ4 2013 to reach 567,000 units and finish the year with 20 percent volume growth, according to the latest research from Futuresource Consulting. “The EMEA region continues to perform well, with quarterly volume growth standing at 16 percent and market volumes reaching […]

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Worldwide Shipments of Front Projectors Reaches $2.63 Billion


Worldwide shipments of front projectors grew reasonably year-over-year by 6 percent to 2.12 million units in CYQ4 2013, representing $2.63 billion in value, according to the latest research from Futuresource Consulting. In 2013, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) quarterly performance in CYQ4 posted a 4 percent year-on-year volume growth to reach 702,000 units. Although […]

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Epson Now Holds 39 Percent of Projector Market Share in U.S.


According to PMA Research, Epson continues to hold the number one position in North America for 2013 with a market share of 39 percent, representing a five-point increase year-over-year. With positive revenue growth four years in a row, Epson had the largest total revenue increase in the North American projector market in 2013 with a […]

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North American Digital Signage Index Decreases by 4.24 Percent in the Fourth Quarter


As the digital communications network industry continues to expand, there is a growing demand to measure activity from period to period. To address this need, the Platt Retail Institute began compiling the North American Digital Signage Index (NADSI) in the fourth quarter of 2009. The Index is published quarterly and presents a single industry composite […]

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Futuresource Consulting Says 1.3 Million Interactive Whiteboards with Flat-Screens Sold in 2013


Global sales of interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panel displays in the education and corporate sectors reached 1.3 million units in 2013, up 1 percent on the previous year and making it the largest year on record, according to the final 2013 quarterly research report from Futuresource Consulting. “The education sector provides a vast target […]

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New Display Sizes and Formats to Look for in 2014


By David Hsieh DisplaySearch It can be said that the flat panel display industry started in 1993, and at the age of twenty, the issue of maturity arises. While flat panel volume growth has slowed, product innovations continue. As we have discussed, the display is the most important user interface for devices, which utilize it […]

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Top Projector Brands Named in TFCinfo’s Annual Projector Brand Perception And Preference Research


TFCinfo today announced the completion of its “Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Study 2014.” This report marks the 13th year that this annual projector brand benchmarking study has been conducted. Results of TFCinfo’s new report reveal significant movement among projector competitors in the three measurable areas of brand strength: awareness, image and intent. These […]

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NSCA and FMI Forecast New Construction Starts and Renovations for 2014


NSCA’s newest version of the Electronic Systems Outlook, which is available free to members, provides updated indicators of new business opportunities by tracking new construction starts and renovations in the commercial buildings sector. In this Winter 2013 edition, NSCA’s Electronic Systems Outlook provides a revised look at construction data by markets and systems. All signs […]

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NPD DisplaySearch: 2014 4K×2K TV Shipments to Rise Dramatically in China


Interest in 4K×2K TVs is at a fever pitch as a critical moment is approaching in the market: 4K×2K is transitioning from early adopters to more mainstream consumers. Rapidly falling prices, particularly in China, will fuel adoption. “As the manufacturers of 4K×2K TV LCD panels and sets expect strong growth in 2014, the supply chain […]

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Largest Q3 on Record for Interactive Whiteboards


Sales of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and interactive flat panel displays in the education and corporate sectors achieved close to 400,000 displays in Q3 2013, up 3 percent on last year and making it the largest Q3 on record, according to the latest quarterly research from Futuresource Consulting. “The interactive whiteboard market has grown at a […]

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Differences in K-12 and Higher Education Video Display Purchasing Patterns


TFCinfo recently announced important AV video display buying trends in both K-12 and higher education from its latest report entitled “The Use of Projection and Interactive Whiteboards in Education 2013/14.” TFCinfo’s report examines and provides detailed information on the use of projectors, interactive whiteboards and flat panel use in educational settings, purchasing habits and educational […]

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NPD DisplaySearch: Improved Manufacturing Capacity Enables Production of Larger TFT LCD Displays


The latest Quarterly Large-Area TFT LCD Product Roadmap Report indicates that 58”-and-larger displays are forecast to increase from nearly 3 percent of all TFT& LCDs produced in 2013 to nearly 5 percent in 2014, due to large-area display process improvements, increased manufacturing capacity and lower prices. Some panel makers are also finding ways to differentiate […]

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NSCA Releases 2013 Financial Analysis of the AV Industry Report


NSCA has released an updated Financial Analysis of the Industry report, providing information for systems integrators to use when creating KPIs (key performance indicators) and benchmarking costs, profits, sales methods and other data against industry peers of similar sizes and systems focus. The 2013 report details the industry’s growth, as reflected in the NSCA Electronic […]

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What Can Be Learned From Panasonic’s Exit from Plasma?


By Paul Gray DisplaySearch Panasonic’s final announcement of its exit from plasma display manufacturing signals the end of the road for the technology. It is worth reflecting on some conclusions: When Panasonic started its plasma business, it was by no means clear that large (say 40”+) LCD displays would be viable. There were a number […]

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Projectors Still Dominating Education Market


TFCinfo today announced the completion of its latest report: “The Use of Projection and Interactive Whiteboards in Education 2013.” TFCinfo’s report examines and provides detailed information on the use of projectors and interactive whiteboards in educational settings, along with AV video display buying trends in both K-12 and higher education. The need to improve the […]

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PRI Research Article Examines Retail Attitudes and Adoption Trends of Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Marketing


Focusing specifically on the retail sector, Platt Retail Institute (PRI) released a research article this month on retail attitudes and adoption trends of multi-channel and omni- channel marketing (OCM). Sponsored by Digital Signage Expo, the research article was published recently in the Digital Signage Connection. The original research was conducted earlier this year in cooperation […]

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Video Conferencing Begins Return to Growth


Infonetics Research has released excerpts from its 2Q13 Enterprise Telepresence and Video Conferencing Equipment report, which tracks dedicated and PBX-based video conferencing and telepresence infrastructure and endpoints: There’s now evidence the videoconferencing market is bouncing back. “After a tumultuous 2012 that saw growth in the videoconferencing market screech to a halt, sales returned to year-over-year […]

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New CEDIA Report Indicates HomeAV Growth Is Back but Integrators Aren’t So Sure


A new report from CEDIA this week features data on the characteristics of companies working within the residential electronics systems industry in the U.S. and Canada, revealing the current number of installation companies in the industry, the size of the workforce, trends, forecasts and the economic state of the industry. “The theme of 2013 is […]

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PMA Announces Top 5 Selling Brands Projector for July


PMA Research has posted its most recent Projector Tracking Service results to the “Top-Selling Projectors” area of its website. Each month, PMA Research posts the Top 5 Projector Lists for the following product categories: Pico and Personal Projectors – For Pico and Personal projectors, the July results showed that three of the five best-selling projectors […]

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NPD: TV Will Drive OLED Materials Market Growth


Growing demand from large TV panels is expected to increase OLED material revenues at a compound annual growth rate of 67 percent through 2017, even as material revenue from mobile phones slows after 2014. According to the Quarterly OLED Materials Report from NPD DisplaySearch, revenues from organic materials used in the emission and common layers […]

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Interactive Whiteboard and Flat Panel Display Sales Up 20% In First Half of 2013


For the first half of 2013, sales of interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panel displays in the education and corporate sectors were up 20 percent, according to the latest quarterly research from Futuresource Consulting. This is despite the increasing presence of personal tablet devices in the education sector, which continue to gain a foothold. The […]

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TFCinfo’s Latest Projector Brand Strength Report Ranks Panasonic, Epson, Sony, NEC and Sharp as Tops


TFCinfo’s recently published Projector Brand Customer Perception and Preference Tracking Report 2013 reveals that the top four most important factors end users consider when purchasing a projector are overall picture quality, brightness, price and reliability/maintenance costs. Experienced projector users and purchasers name Panasonic, Epson, Sony, NEC and Sharp as the top brands they consider to […]

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