Learn More About Digital Signage This Wednesday in a Webinar With Lyle Bunn


THIS IS A PROMOTED POST Almo Pro AV will host industry expert Lyle Bunn, Centre for Digital Experience Chair as guest speaker for its November LG Spotlight Series webinar. Start planning your strategy for 2018 and join Almo as Bunn looks ahead to discuss upcoming trends in the digital signage space. The contribution of distributors, […]

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The Outlook for Digital Signage in 2017 Is More, More, More


Yogi Berra wasn’t referencing digital signage when he said, “It’s very tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Digital signage and place-based media can apply present status, and, with a wide enough view of the lens and clarity into the depth, know what is coming in 2017. The proposition is simple. More digital signage […]

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Buying Digital Signage: Learn more at DSE17


Choosing the right technologies has never been more complex, nor key to the success of the digital signage installation and everyone involved. As part of Integrator education during DSE17, I’ll demystify the process and provide a framework for making hardware and software choices that fit the requirement.   Photo credit: Intel Corp. Integrators constantly ask, […]

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Stratacache Acquires Scala — Good News in the Jungle


The August 15, 2016 announcement by Dayton-headquartered STRATACACHE of its acquisition of Scala, the high-profile digital signage software supplier is good news for end users, providers of the place-based media and the industry at large. STRATACACHE operates over 1.5 million software and appliance installations for more than 425 end user organizations including Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Lowes, […]

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Digital Media Outlook for 2016: The Force Pervades


The Outlook: The term “robust” continues to describe digital signage application and supply. Growth at the double-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) experienced over each of the past 15 years continues in every important aspect of the business. In any venture, the probability of success must exceed the risks. By this measure, the future for […]

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Lyle Bunn Sets Fall Calendar


Big changes continue to happen in digital place-based signage use and supply. Lyle Bunn will be presenting at seven upcoming US and European events that you should consider attending when he’s near you: Sept 26-27:  Charlotte — Customer Experience Financial Services Oct 15:  Amsterdam — Maverick/Tech Data Expo Oct 20:  London, UK — InfoComm Roundtable […]

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Drinking Digital from a Fire Hydrant at NRF15


When 35,000 people attended the National Retail Federation “Big Show 15” in New York, the busy conference and trade floor were all about “digital.” Delegates had a buffet of options to make multi-channel happen – along with its imperative omni-channel, the integration of multiple channels to create a customer experience expressed consistently at various touch […]

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Shopper Conversion Through Retail Shelf Media


The answer to confusion is always “no.” As product selection at the retail shelf is, by definition, a source of confusion for consumers, brands have a significant opportunity for point-of-purchase conversion through shelf level or service counter promotion. When connecting the dots that represent the information and touch points on the ever-changing path to purchase, […]

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Engagement – Say What ?


Engagement is the coin of the realm for marketing and communication. For shopper, patron, traveler, staff or students, it is a strategic, tactical and operational imperative. The alternative is hit-and-miss or opportunistic, luck-of-the-draw marketing. Engagement means that: Targeted audiences of people with buying or decision-making authority or significant influence are noticing the message. They are […]

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Are We Clear?


Digital out of home messaging brings tremendous economies and agility to branding and promotional marketing. Messages can be created quickly often using graphic, animation and text elements that are used elsewhere in campaigns. And unique messages can be created to suit the target audience, display location, time of day and reflecting the context in which […]

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Seven Key Trends in Digital Signage Right Now


By Lyle Bunn Strategy Architect, BUNN Co. Most of the trends in digital signage are positive, pointing to the ongoing success and value of this dynamic place-based media. Others point to failure and the challenges inherent in the growing industry. Seven trends in particular characterize the sector at this time: Growth and installed base; Focus […]

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What Does North America’s Dynamic Signage Industry Need to Develop Further?


By Lyle Bunn This initiative was undertaken by Lyle Bunn of BUNN Co. to gauge industry insights about its ongoing development. See http://www.LyleBunn.com – RESOURCES. On Sept. 19, 2012, this question was posed in an email that was sent by Lyle Bunn to about 5,000 industry contacts. 914 people opened the email and in total five […]

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Digital Menu Boards: Moving the Needle on Food Service Cost Reduction & Revenue Improvement


As food services providers examine the use of electronic flat panels to upgrade the static signs that have been an order counter mainstay since time began, they are looking to maximize their possible, and in many situations, their intended investment in this new approach. The benefits appear immediate and obvious, and even in the simplest […]

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Dynamic Signage as “Owned” Media in “Paid-Owned-Earned” Media Mix


The following is reprinted with permission from the Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA). For more information, go to http://www.digitalscreenmedia.org. Enterprise media analyst, advisor and educator Lyle Bunn (Ph.D. Hon) outlines the convergence of on-premises patron messaging with the “Paid-Owned-Earned” media model, describing how dynamic place-based signage owned by the retailer leverages “paid” messaging and activates “earned” […]

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The Digital Signage Logjam: Revenues Through “De-jamming”


A “logjam” has been holding back Digital Signage deployments and revenues. Though the problem does not appear to exist because the sector at large has been growing at a reported 23+ percent compound annual growth rates (CAGR) and flat panel shipments for commercial use in particular digital signage is reported at 40+ percent CAGR as […]

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