The Three Times Churches Buy Audio, Video and Lighting


There are three main reasons churches upgrade or outright add new equipment: when entering a new building program, when renovating an existing building or when expanding into new technology areas such as multi-site or online services. Given the history most churches had with learning their technology lessons on audio systems (the first systems they use), […]

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FIBARO Debuts New Suite of Lighting Control Micro Modules


FIBARO will debut a suite of lighting modules featuring advanced energy monitoring at CEDIA EXPO 2016. Dimmer 2, an advanced lighting module with unique features, as well as Relay Switch 2, available as a single and double option, will be featured in booth 7800. One of the first FIBARO lighting control devices in the U.S. […]

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Where’s the Video in the Audio, Video, and Lighting Industry?


I suppose if the Cobbler’s kids had no shoes, then I shouldn’t be surprised that the Audio, Video, and Lighting (AVL) industry doesn’t use video well to reach potential customers. And yet, here in the 21st century, I am surprised and disappointed in the spotty to non-existent use of video as a content marketing medium […]

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Somfy Introduces the Dimmable LED RTS Light Kit to Expand Use of Outdoor Living Space


Somfy Systems has announced the launch of the Dimmable LED RTS Light Kit, a convenient lighting solution for awnings and pergolas. Saying they are easy to install and operate, Somfy says the light kit can be controlled with the same remote used to operate Somfy motorized awnings. App control is also offered through the Somfy […]

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Church Online: AVL Upgrades Needed


Church online: where local churches are hosting either live or video on demand services for attendees who are not at their physical church campuses. Yep, thanks to the technology the Audio/Video/Lighting (AVL) industry manufactures, a rapidly growing number of churches have taken their church services to the congregant, online. In my study of this growth, […]

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FX Luminaire Introduces Copper LED Up Light, Plus Other New Lighting Products


FX Luminaire has announced the release of six new products, including the NR, the company’s first copper LED up light. FX Luminaire says the NR is engineered to withstand coastal conditions and other harsh outdoor environments. Each fixture is compatible with the Luxor system and includes four colored filters (amber, blue, green, and clear frosted) for […]

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GLP’s New Entry Level X1 Moving Head LED Ships


GLP’s tiny, lightweight and budget-conscious impression X1 is now in production. The X1 marks a departure from other products in GLP’s X range, featuring four high powered, 15-watt RGBW LEDs, with a narrow fixed beam output that offers continuous pan and tilt motion in a compact housing; it’s this continuous motion that gives the product […]

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Crossing The Rimikon


Slowly but surely, we’re moving towards the future of lighting. In January of 2014, Canada legislated to ban 75- and 100-watt incandescent light bulbs. Then in January of 2015 40- and 60-watt incandescent bulbs were outlawed. Businesses are still allowed to sell through their existing inventory, which is why 40- and 60-watt bulbs are still […]

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CAST Offers Lighting Designers Simplicity with wysiwyg Perform and wysiwyg Design


For lighting designers looking to switch to wysiwyg lighting design and previsualization software for special projects, CAST Group announces the introduction of wysiwyg Design and Perform three and six months leases. wysiwyg Design: Created specifically for live events pros wanting to use an all-inclusive production design tool, wysiwyg Design Suite offers a customized 3D CAD […]

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AVL Safety Needed in Churches


Audio. Video. Lighting. Budgets. Safety? When churches think about audio, video and lighting (AVL) technology, safety isn’t on the radar for the vast majority of pastors. However, with the exponential increase in the use of flown speaker arrays, screens, and lighting fixtures, keeping the technical staff and congregants who sit below these devices safe needs to […]

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Crestron’s New Commercial Lighting Control Plan


Crestron is changing the way lighting control systems are designed, specified, and installed with the new SpaceBuilder design-based solutions. Crestron says its SpaceBuilder is the fastest way to design, install and start up commercial lighting controls for any size building or system. According to Crestron, the advantages of a SpaceBuilder system include: Faster quotes Faster […]

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Church Video Venues in High Demand


When churches realized the value of video had also intersected with high brightness and low cost, the multi-site and satellite campus model went from a handful of mega churches (churches with greater than 2,000 in weekend attendance) to tens of thousands of churches. With this exponential explosion of multi-site churches — that is, a separate […]

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Crestron Ships New Universal Dimmer Modules for Lighting


Crestron’s new universal dimmer modules (CLX-1DIMU4 and CLX-2DIMU8) that are designed to provide 4 or 8 channels of universal dimming for LED, electronic and magnetic low-voltage, incandescent, and 2-wire dimmable fluorescent lighting loads are now shipping. They include forward and reverse phase dimming as well. The universal dimmer modules eliminate the need to spec different […]

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What CES 2015 Means for the H.O.W. Market


Fellow geeks have united and converged upon Las Vegas, Nevada once again for the annual tech-fest that is the Consumer Electronics Show, and the future’s digital handwriting is on the proverbial wall: audio/video/lighting (A/V/L) technology is once again the dominant technology. With prognostications aside, the trends of these present-future technologies have a direct impact on […]

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How the A/V/L Industry Sees the Church Market


“This church market — it’s kind of a thing now, eh?” This is how the A/V/L industry sees the church market. Manufacturers and systems integrators are highlighting their House of Worship (H.O.W.) market products and installations more than ever before. The emphasis is directly correlated with the increase of sales into churches, which are starting […]

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URC Announces Vivido Two-Way Lighting Solutions


URC today announced the Vivido Series of two-way designer lighting solutions for Total Control and ccGEN2 whole-house home automation systems. The new lineup includes everything needed for integrated lighting including master and accessory light dimmers, switches, a lamp dimming module, an appliance switching module and more. URC systems will control and dim all loads including […]

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URC Announces “Screw-in Simple” LED Wireless Lighting


URC today announced URC LED Lighting, a ZigBee based wireless lighting control system that the company says is so easy to install that no high voltage experience is required. These new, affordable products are installed as part of a Total Control or ccGEN2 whole-house home automation project. The initial URC LED Lighting products include an […]

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WigWag Unveils Filament Smart Color LED Light Bulbs


Taking aim at Philips’ Hue, WigWag today announced availability for Filament by WigWag, the smart, dimmable and full-color LED light bulb with price point and lifespan that allow for broad implementation and usage in home or office, as well as compatibility with other brands’ smart devices using the WigWag platform. Filament light bulbs are controlled […]

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Clare Controls Introduces ClareVue Lighting


Taking aim at Lutron, who’s lagging behind in network-based wireless systems, Clare Controls will unveil its ClareVue lighting line this week at CEDIA. ClareVue is a wireless lighting system using Z-Wave certified lighting components – dimmers, switches, keypads, and receptacles. All of it is network and cloud-based using Clare’s ClareHome automation system. ClareVue lighting is […]

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GLP’s Scenex Lighting Now Has iPad-based Wireless DMX System


GLP US’s Scenex Lighting brand has announced the launch of AirDMX wireless DMX application that runs via an Apple iPad. The hardware for AirDMX consists of a single compact wireless DMX receiver that is mounted by the receiving fixtures. The iPad can then connect over a standard Wi-Fi connection to the wireless receiver for full […]

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