Visual Productions Brings Cuety iPad Lighting Controller to ISE


At ISE, Visual Productions will be exhibiting their range of lighting control software for Mac, PC and Linux and solid-state hardware controllers including the CueCore and Cuety iPad lighting control system. According to Visual Productions, Cuety is a new generation lighting controller that turns an iPad into a lighting console. The Cuety LPU-1 controller is […]

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Motion Sensors for Interior Lighting Control Beat Schedules Every Time


A customer with a large aquatic center asked us to look into a better way to manage lighting, and offer a solution for reducing damage from rambunctious children to the existing low voltage light switches. The building already had an existing high end Crestron Lighting Control System, but in this case it was not being […]

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Variable Color LED Lamps: Who’s in Control?


Wikipedia: The light-emitting diode (LED) began appearing as practical electronic components in 1962 in IR and Red. The first high-brightness blue LED was demonstrated in 1994 and within a couple years the first White LED (combined Red, Green and Blue LEDs) was demonstrated. The use of LED lamps in commercial applications continues to grow with every project […]

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Big Idea 2015: Automation for the Perfect Classroom


Foreword: My youngest daughter attends a new public charter where I volunteer more time than I can afford as the “Technology Guy.” The students were issued on day one Chromebooks and Kindles, and they do very limited work with paper of any sort. I worried would all the technology and apps come together, but recently she commented […]

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URC Announces Vivido Two-Way Lighting Solutions


URC today announced the Vivido Series of two-way designer lighting solutions for Total Control and ccGEN2 whole-house home automation systems. The new lineup includes everything needed for integrated lighting including master and accessory light dimmers, switches, a lamp dimming module, an appliance switching module and more. URC systems will control and dim all loads including […]

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URC Announces “Screw-in Simple” LED Wireless Lighting


URC today announced URC LED Lighting, a ZigBee based wireless lighting control system that the company says is so easy to install that no high voltage experience is required. These new, affordable products are installed as part of a Total Control or ccGEN2 whole-house home automation project. The initial URC LED Lighting products include an […]

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Clare Controls Introduces ClareVue Lighting


Taking aim at Lutron, who’s lagging behind in network-based wireless systems, Clare Controls will unveil its ClareVue lighting line this week at CEDIA. ClareVue is a wireless lighting system using Z-Wave certified lighting components – dimmers, switches, keypads, and receptacles. All of it is network and cloud-based using Clare’s ClareHome automation system. ClareVue lighting is […]

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URC Announces Integration Module for Philips Hue


URC announced last month the Total Control two-way integration module for Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting, which was developed by Extra Vegetables and URC. The module can be downloaded by Authorized URC Total Control dealers from Extra Vegetables’ website. After replacing conventional bulbs with Hue lamps and connecting the Hue Bridge to the home wireless […]

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SAVANT Adds Wi-Fi Lamp and Plug-in Modules to SmartLighting Lineup


Savant Systems has introduced two Wi-Fi enabled Lamp Modules and two Wi-Fi enabled Plug-in Modules to complement its SmartLighting product lineup and extend its presence in the growing connected home market. This new group of products has been designed to give users easy control over plug-in devices such as tabletop lamps without the need for […]

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New, Energy-Saving Features Added to Lutron HomeWorks QS System


Lutron Electronics today announced three new features for its HomeWorks QS total home control system.  RF SoftSwitch Module Switches large loads, like landscape lighting, pumps, and gates, without any wear on the relay, and without the need for multiple devices Can switch an entire branch circuit of lighting, up to 16A, from Pico wireless remotes, […]

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Savant Releases Wi-Fi Lighting Control System


Designed for residential and commercial applications, Savant Systems announced this month its new SmartLighting Wi-Fi 802.11-based lighting control products, a solution that can be used as either a standalone lighting control platform or as part of a complete Savant automation system. The system uses a dimmer inside each Wi-Fi-connected keypad. Once the keypads have been […]

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Crestron Introduces New Battery-Powered Two-Button Wireless Keypad


Crestron has introduced a new two-button wireless keypad (HTT-B2EX-BATT) to its line of infiNET EX wireless lighting control products. Available in black or white, the HTT-B2EX-BATT is battery-powered, portable and designed to control a wide range of applications, including as a bedside controller in homes and hotels, a personal workspace controller or a conference room […]

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Crestron Ships 8-Channel Lighting Control Module


Crestron unveiled the DIN-8SW8-I, an 8-channel lighting control module designed to support switching of non-dimmable lighting and fans. Part of the DIN Rail range of Modules to provide a professional-style lighting solution in a compact design, the DIN-8SW8-I features 8 digital inputs which allows standard momentary switches to trigger events with or without a control […]

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