Lighthouse Shows LED-Wrapped Mini Cooper Car


Here at ISE, we’ve spotted one of the most creative applications for flexible LED technology — wrapping a car (a Mini Cooper, in fact). Lighthouse has one of the largest line of outdoor LED signage systems in the world and now the company has introduced a set of flexible LEDs. And, flexible LEDs are finding […]

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SceneX Lighting Introduces LED Tape with Individual Pixel Control


GLP US has just launched a Pixel LED Tape with individual pixel control via DMX as part of its SceneX line of LED products. Used in a wide range of live, scenic and architectural applications, the SceneX range of LED solutions now offers greater control and creative possibilities. The new Pixel LED tape adds individual […]

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NanoLumens Aims Studio Pro Series at Broadcast and Live Events


NanoLumens today announced its Studio Pro Series LED displays for broadcast studio and live events applications. Launched last week at the Atlanta regional section of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) September meeting, Studio Pro gives users the flexibility of using a curved or flat LED screen. The company claims to have […]

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Digital Projection Intros 1080p LED Titan


At CEDIA, Digital Projection International (DPI) announced the TITAN 1080p LED 3D projector, which the company says is the world’s first combination of 3-chip DLP imaging and solid-state LED illumination. Utilizing Texas Instruments’ DarkChip DLP technology, DPI’s new TITAN 1080p LED 3D is spec’d at 2,000 lumens and lists for $79,995. The benefits of LED […]

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Global Display Market worth $164.24 Billion by 2017


According to a new market research report, Global Display Market (2012 – 2017) published by MarketsandMarkets, the total global display market is expected to reach $164.24 billion by 2017, at a CAGR of 3.1 percent from 2012 to 2017. The global display market encompasses many technologies: E-ink, OLED, TFT-LCD, LED-LCD, LED, DLP, LCoS, and Plasma. […]

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Walking In A Wireless Wonderland


If you were to assemble a list of the most common questions potential clients will ask, right after the inevitable “Which is better, LED or Plasma?”, the number two would be, “Is it all going to be wireless?” We all know by now that wireless technologies have made enormous strides. There are hardware solutions today […]

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Q4 Projector and Professional Flat Panel Display Roundup: Professional Flat Panel YoY Growth Exceeds 20 Percent


According to UK-based Futuresource Consulting, the international professional flat panel market in 2011 saw gains over 2010, as the market continued to find opportunities within difficult trading conditions. The 2011 combined display market grew 18.9 percent in 2010. The final quarter of 2011 saw Quarter-on-Quarter (QoQ) growth of 5.6 percent and Year-on-Year (YoY) growth of […]

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Focus on Lighting: LED Technology: Ready for Primetime?


For some time, consumers have been excited about the energy savings and efficient production of light from LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology compared to traditional light sources (incandescent and fluorescent). Most lighting design professionals, however, still approach the general use of LED technology with a bit of trepidation since many LED products have come to […]

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A Review of ISE


Sure, 80 percent of the attendees of this year’s ISE show in Amsterdam are European, but, it’s the sheer numbers of them that astounded me — and many others here at Integrated Systems Europe in February 2011. Literally almost 35,000 attendees scanned their badges as they walked into the 10 massive halls of AV exhibits […]

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Barco Ships Field-Level LED Screens – LED Ad Borders for Screens


Barco has entered the “Sports Perimeter” market in launching the SP-4816 LED field perimeter ad boards.  Made popular at European Soccer matches where the pitch (field) is lined end-to-end and side-to-side with banner advertising at eye level, field perimeter signage is going digital with this new Barco LED solution. Barco tells rAVe the system was […]

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Samsung Debuts 1000-Lumen LED Projector


Although aimed at the ProAV market, it’s worth mentioning as LED-lit projectors are now bright enough for home theater applications – you’ll see a host of them entering the market from June-December.  So far, this is the brightest (if you believe the specs) LED-lit projector on the market.  The LCD-based, SP-F10M is XGA resolution (1024×768), […]

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Planar Announces New Clarity LED Video Wall Series


Planar announced at ISE last month the Clarity LED Series rear projection video wall displays, meant for control room video walls that require 24/7 reliability. The displays provide what Planar says is “maintenance-free solid state illumination,” with up to eight times the life of traditional lamps The Clarity LED Series includes the 70-inch c70HD-LED (1920X1080 […]

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Planar Announces its First LED illuminated Video Wall Displays

Planar Systems, Inc., a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, today announced its Clarity™ LED Series rear projection video wall displays, ideal for government, military, energy, utilities, traffic and broadcast control room video walls that require 24/7 reliability and brilliant life-like images.  Combining Planar’s exclusive Clarity NaturalColor™ for a superior visual performance and maintenance-free solid […]

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Wybron Launches Cygnus 200W LED-based Wash


As energy concerns rise, it’s no surprise that LEDs have commanded much of the lighting world’s attention. Unfortunately, many of the fixtures flooding the market provide less than stellar light. Technicians and lighting designers are still in pursuit of that holy grail of LEDs: one that can provide incandescent-quality light while still remaining simple, energy-efficient […]

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Philips Debuts Solar-Powered Outdoor LED Stadium Lighting


Although not bright enough for professional or college-level stadiums, this new LED-based solar-powered lighting system does have a lot of staging and maybe even some rental apps.  And, the system is available as a fully portable solution. Using the energy-efficient LED lighting technology, the system can illuminate areas up to 40 meters by 20 meters […]

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