Crestron Intros Fully Tunable LED Light Fixtures to 
Support Improved Health and Wellness in the Home

February 22, 2022

Crestron has introduced new LED Light Fixtures created to meet the design, intelligence, elegance and customization that homeowners demand; the new fully tunable light fixtures add real-time personalized lighting control fit into the Crestron Home operating system.  Through the Crestron Home platform, users have full control of the color of their lights including hue, saturation, […]

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LumaStream Joins Azione Unlimited

February 15, 2018

LumaStream a manufacturer of low-voltage LED lighting systems for residential and commercial applications has joined the Azione Unlimited buying group serving audio/video integration professionals. LumaStream is an established provider of lighting solutions that have been deployed by top brands such as a US-based luxury electric car manufacturer, multiple nationwide restaurant chains and many houses of worship along with countless residential installations. Unlike other […]

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The Future Intersection of AV and Churches

January 16, 2018

More impressive than the shifts in the audiovisual (AV) landscape during 2017 is the sheer rate of change that continues to accelerate with no hint of anyone applying the brakes. A year of change in this industry has brought some key trends to the forefront of 2018 and promised more changes in the near future. […]

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USB-C: Powering Macbooks Today, AV Tomorrow

August 16, 2017

The latest Macbook uses a USB-C port for both power and USB communications, and rumors are that the iPhone 8 will also switch over to the USB-C. Wait…what!? Yup, just when you finally got everything you own converted to the one cable style it’s going to change, but this time you may be a little […]

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THE LED Conundrum

December 19, 2016

By Seth Waltz Principal, AVL Designs “Everybody says they wants LED theater lighting, yet we hear many people saying they have it and hate it. Totally believable because they got the wrong LEDs for their application.” In the old days of analog lighting (meaning incandescent and halogen lights) lights pretty much turned on and off […]

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Venue Debuts New LED Series

April 25, 2016

Venue (by Proline) just debuted its Venue series’ LED technology that they says minimizes drops in brightness when the LED elements warm up over time. The Venue series includes the Control16 16-channel DMX controller and three LED fixture models that can be mixed and matched to create custom systems, providing complete scalability for shows both […]

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FX Luminaire Introduces Copper LED Up Light, Plus Other New Lighting Products

December 15, 2015

FX Luminaire has announced the release of six new products, including the NR, the company’s first copper LED up light. FX Luminaire says the NR is engineered to withstand coastal conditions and other harsh outdoor environments. Each fixture is compatible with the Luxor system and includes four colored filters (amber, blue, green, and clear frosted) for […]

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Three Upgrades to Be Green, Save Money and Have Happy Employees

October 21, 2015

Everyone likes a nice office to work in, and there are many factors such as employee retention and public persona that drive companies to upgrade their buildings, but budgets still are the deciding factor. Here is why you can’t afford not to make these three upgrades now. Energy Monitoring – This fact is crazy but true: Just by monitoring your building’s […]

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Three Facts You Should Know to Intelligently Automate your Building

January 30, 2015

Very few buildings even today are intelligently automated, and the few that do are the large showcase projects. Are you building new office space, or perhaps refreshing a couple floors at a time of your current space? If yes, take two minutes to let me share experiences of 30+ years in automation and I will […]

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WigWag Unveils Filament Smart Color LED Light Bulbs

September 10, 2014

Taking aim at Philips’ Hue, WigWag today announced availability for Filament by WigWag, the smart, dimmable and full-color LED light bulb with price point and lifespan that allow for broad implementation and usage in home or office, as well as compatibility with other brands’ smart devices using the WigWag platform. Filament light bulbs are controlled […]

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Non-Acoustic Room Treatments For Intangible Effects

May 15, 2014

There are two key ways that real AV pros set their work apart from the offerings of both the big box retailers and the hang-and-bang guys. The first one is that their integration of multiple devices, sources, display and controls actually work. The second is that they know how to set the stage. A really […]

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LED Is Almost Perfect

April 30, 2014

Perhaps no other technology is as poised to be used in more churches than LED. Seemingly the perfect balance of functionality, size, cost of operation and product lifespan, LED is almost perfect for the house of worship market. LED Is Everywhere Once reserved for those in the rarified atmosphere of near-unlimited budgets, LED technology has […]

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Energy Squad Offers LED Diet Training, New Revenue Opportunities

December 3, 2013

For HomeAV or ProAV dealers looking for some new recurring revenue opportunities or who want to do marketing or branding around GreenAV, Energy Squad offers some interesting programs geared specifically to AV dealers on not only GreenAV products such as automation or energy management, but also on green products that AV dealers don’t typically offer, […]

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SceneX Lighting Introduces LED Tape with Individual Pixel Control

November 6, 2013

GLP US has just launched a Pixel LED Tape with individual pixel control via DMX as part of its SceneX line of LED products. Used in a wide range of live, scenic and architectural applications, the SceneX range of LED solutions now offers greater control and creative possibilities. The new Pixel LED tape adds individual […]

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