rAVe eNewsletters Announces rAVe Rental [and Staging]


30-Year Staging guru, Joel Rollins, to be Contributing Editor and Columnist Kayye Consulting, publisher of rAVe Pro and rAVe Home eNewsletters for the commercial and residential audiovisual channels, announces rAVe Rental [and Staging]. The new publication, to be published on the rAVe website and distributed via email in the same fashion as rAVe Pro and rAVe Home, will be […]

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Special Events at InfoComm

InfoComm announced the special events we can expect at the upcoming conference. The fourth annual Manufacturers Forum, scheduled from 4-5:30 pm on June 18th, offers a glimpse into AV industry trends and predictions from some of the biggest names in the business. This free event is moderated by Gary Kayye. CTS, of Kayye Consulting, and […]

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rAVe Publications is a division of Kayye Consulting


rAVe Publications are the most widely-read eNewsletters in the ProAV and HomeAV custom installer communities. rAVe gives readers opinions and context with news reported about and for the industries. For more than five years, readers have enjoyed news, editorials, feature articles as well as significant breaking news blasts. rAVe Publications is a division of Kayye […]

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