Juice Goose Debuts SL-350 UPS


The Juice Goose SL-350 UPS uses lithium battery technology in a light weight, thin profile. That makes this UPS well suited for installation in small spaces previously impractical for ordinary UPS designs (think behind a monitor in digital signage apps). In addition to battery power support, the SL-350 provides 312 Joules of protection from AC power surges and spikes. This […]

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Juice Goose Intros Multiple Circuit Power Distribution with RS232 and IP Control


The new iP PD1-4 from Juice Goose has four 20-amp circuits for a total current capacity of 80 amps and each circuit is individually addressable via a browser connection to an on board web server. Remote access is also possible via RS232, UDP or TCP using text commands over Ethernet. Current load can be monitored […]

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Juice Goose Intros P90-PRO Series UPS Products


Juice Goose announced this week a new series of energy saving, online UPS products that reduce operating costs for end users and project cost for integrators — the P90-PRO Series. Juice Goose says the P90-PRO models feature a 0.90 power factor design that converts 90 percent of power line voltage and current into wattage. Beyond […]

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Juice Goose Launches IP-Based Power Controller


The Juice Goose iP 1520 is a microcontroller-based power distribution system that can be accessed via Ethernet or RS232. It allows for individual AC receptacles to be turned on and off, shutting down power to individual pieces of gear that isn’t being used. The iP 1520 has six outlets grouped into three individual “Power Pods” […]

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