Variable Color LED Lamps: Who’s in Control?


Wikipedia: The light-emitting diode (LED) began appearing as practical electronic components in 1962 in IR and Red. The first high-brightness blue LED was demonstrated in 1994 and within a couple years the first White LED (combined Red, Green and Blue LEDs) was demonstrated. The use of LED lamps in commercial applications continues to grow with every project […]

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CES 2015: A Followup From the Show — IoT, Smart Home, Robotics and UCC


As a followup to my blog Where the Internet of Things Takes A Center Stage, I wanted to bring some perspectives from the Consumer Electronics Show to include AV/IT industry companies — Savant, Lutron, Revolve Robotics and Plantronics which involved IoT, Smart Home technology, robotics and unified communications. Savant is a recognized leader in home control […]

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