Altinex Debuts TNP327 and TNP327C Interconnect Boxes


Altinex just launched the TNP327 and TNP327C Tilt ‘N Plug tabletop interconnect boxes. Available in both standard and custom configurations, the TNP327 is designed for mounting into tables, podiums or other furniture as part of a presentation system. Inputs are accessed by pushing down on the top cover, allowing the unit to tilt open. The inputs are hidden […]

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Altinex Expands Cable Nook Product Line with CNK202


Altinex has just introduced the CNK202 Cable Nook Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box, the company’s latest addition to its Cable Nook product line. The CNK202 Cable Nook provides a way of hiding and storing multimedia cables and fixed connectors. The new CNK202 has no mounting brackets. This feature enables integrators to install the unit from the […]

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Altinex Expands Cable Nook Product Line With New CNK220 and CNK222


Altinex has added two new interconnect boxes to its Cable Nook product line: the CNK220 and CNK222. Both the CNK220 and CNK222 provide a way of enabling the user to access connections to AC power, USB charging, HDMI, network and other media sources from a table-mounted box. The Altinex CNK220 includes the CNK200 Cable-Nook Modular Tabletop Interconnect […]

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Altinex Debuts CNK600 Cable Nook Customizable Interconnect Plates


Altinex just launched a new CNK600 Cable Nook interconnect box with SP2116SC and SP2117SC customizable interconnect plates. Designed for use in boardrooms and conference rooms, the CNK600 Cable Nook provides a means of hiding/storing cables and connectors when not in use. The SP2116SC and SP2117SC interconnect plates include HDMI, VGA, USB, network access, USB charging, AC power and more. […]

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Altinex Debuts TNP461 Tilt ‘N Plug International Tabletop Interconnect Box


Altinex has introduced the TNP461 Tilt ’N Plug International Tabletop Interconnect Box. Designed for mounting into tables, podiums, or other furniture, the new TNP461 is an international model with a universal power connector designed to accommodate multiple countries. As a pre-configured, compact hybrid interconnect solution that includes audio, network, USB and video ports. The new […]

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Altinex Debuts TNP530 Retractable Box


Altinex’s new TNP530 Tilt ‘N Plug retractable tabletop interconnect box is designed for mounting into tables, podiums, or other furniture. The new TNP530 includes dual 12 Amp U.S. power receptacles, two USB ports, retractable VGA and HDMI video ports / cables, one RJ-45 network connector, and a 3.5 mm audio connector. The TNP530 incorporates Altinex’s RT300 Series […]

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Altinex Debuts TNP328 and TNP328S Interconnect Boxes


Altinex just launched the new TNP328 and TNP328S Tilt ‘N Plug compact hybrid interconnect boxes. Available in both high quality matte black (TNP328) and clear brushed aluminum (TNP328S) finishes, the TNP328 and TNP328S interconnect boxes offer one touch access to dual 12 Amp AC power receptacles, both HDMI and VGA video inputs, an RJ-45 network […]

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