Rants & rAVes — Episode 1148: Matrox Featured the Matrox QuadHead2Go Digital Signage Content Mapping Controller at IC22


Among the many products Matrox was showing at InfoComm 2022, one that received a lot of attention was a creative digital signage controller known as the QuadHead2Go. The QuadHead2Go is a 1-input (HDMI or DisplayPort) to 4-output (HDMI) controller that allows you to re-map the input content to any configuration of 4 displays similar to a mini-monitor wall […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1146: For Epson, InfoComm 2022 Was All About Experiences With Projectors


Epson’s booth at InfoComm 2022 was abuzz due to its debut of the show’s only 21:9 projection-based Microsoft Teams Rooms Front Row demo. We shot a video of it — the complete system includes a bundled solution from MS Teams, Jabra Heckler and Epson (you should watch it; it gives you a glimpse into the future of HyFlex […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1145: Sennheiser Used InfoComm to Launch the New EW-DX Wireless Family


On the latest post-InfoComm-2022 videocast, Gary’s guest is David Missall, Sennheiser’s insights manager consultants & technical application engineer manager. The two talk about the new EW-DX Wireless Mic family debut as well as the massively popular UCC-based TeamConnect family of products. We actually captured four videos in the Sennheiser booth — one included an in-depth tour of the new EW-DX. Check out […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1144: NETGEAR Might Be Gary’s Favorite ProAV Company


Gary was joined on today’s post-InfoComm 2022 videocast with both NETGEAR’s John Henkel and Laurent Masia to talk about the company’s presence in over 60 booths at the IC22 show. According to Gary, the importance of IP in AV cannot be overstated and he, John and Laurent explain how the services that NETGEAR is providing are a big differentiator for them […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1142: The Post-InfoComm Aurora Multimedia Interview With Paul Harris


Aurora launched a product at InfoComm that Gary has been talking about for years. What is it, what does it do and why does he think it’s going to be big? Watch this! Also, don’t forget: We shot nine videos at Aurora‘s booth at InfoComm. You can watch them all here: https://www.ravepubs.com/?s=Aurora&cat=29068&post_type%5B%5D=rave-video. Podcast: Play in new window | […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1140: Here’s Why You Should Be a Dealer for PTZOptics and HuddleCamHD


PTZOptics Chief Revenue Officer Paul Richards joined Gary Kayye on the latest Rants & rAVes episode to talk about the company and its sister company, HuddleCamHD. There is one new product that many wanted to order on the show floor, but it’s still 60-90 days away from shipping. Watch and see why. Plus, Paul reviews […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1139: Lenovo Used InfoComm to Launch the World’s Only Mic/Speaker/Camera Bar with Windows 10 Inside


Gary was joined by Lenovo’s own Brian Mignault to talk about its all-new Think Smart 1 All-in-One Videoconferencing Bar With Built-in Windows 10, which made its debut at InfoComm 2022. It’s the only bar-based product with Windows 10 built right in and allows for a computer, camera, mic and speakers as an all-in-one solution for small to medium-sized rooms. We shot this, […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1138: ROE Visual Was All About LED at InfoComm 2022. Here’s Why.


Gary was joined by ROE Visual’s East Coast account manager, Nick Jevons, to talk LED. When entering the ROE booth at InfoComm, attendees were greeted by a three-story high Black Pearl II giant LED wall designed for XR virtual production sets. This videocast covers that along with the plethora of both rental and install LED products shown at […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1137: The Sharp NEC Display Booth at InfoComm 2022 Will All Be About Solutions


For InfoComm 2022 attendees who enter the Sharp NEC Display Solutions booth (N2305), something called NaViSense will grab their attention — it’ll be the way that you can drive sales through services to your clients. Of course, Sharp/NEC will also have a host of LED, LCD, projection and signage displays — but the solutions the […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1136: Barco’s TruePix LED System Makes Its US Debut at InfoComm 2022


Barco’s InfoComm 2022 booth (W1203) will include everything from ClickShare to live events solutions. However, we predict the biggest attention will be given to its TruePix LED System that’s like the UniSee of LED. On this episode of Rants & rAVes, Gary was joined by Barco’s Alina Mishra and Inge Govaerts, who take us on a journey through what we’ll see inside the […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1135: Philips (PPDS) is About to Have Its Best InfoComm Ever


With the launch of an all-in-one LED (the 6000 Series) and a re-introduction of the brand into the US market, PPDS (aka Philips) will likely have the best InfoComm show they’ve ever had. Philips is already the largest manufacturer of LCDs in the world but with a complete line-up of LEDs (shipping 1.2mm+ but with […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1134: Christie Digital Wants You to Say ‘Wow’ When You Enter Its Booth at InfoComm 2022


Christie isn’t holding back. Following an amazing ISE Show for them in Barcelona last month, Christie Digital is back in the USA for InfoComm and will feature nearly an entire product line – all interconnected via its Terra AV-over-IP ecosystem – on display at InfoComm in booth N2145. Gary was joined with Christie’s Joel St-Denis, […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1133: Nureva Will Bring the New XT Classroom Kit, CV30 Camera and Demo Console to InfoComm 2022


Gary was joined on this pre-InfoComm 2022 videocast with Nureva’s Director of Product Management, James Rempel, to talk about what they have planned in booth W2537 in Las Vegas. Its newest product is the CV30 camera that’s part of the Nureva XT classroom kit – and it allows for simple AI-based teacher tracking. And, now, […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1131: Telestream is the Only Turnkey Production, Streaming and Archiving Video Solutions Provider in ProAV


Telestream will use InfoComm 2022 (booth N1374) to launch the Wirecast Gear — a fully configured live video streaming production system. Every single client you have either wants to add in-house production or streaming to their operations — and Telestream wants to be your turnkey supplier. The Gear is purpose-built for cloud-based production capable of […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1130: Matrox Will Focus on AV-over-IP at InfoComm 2022; Including Both HDBaseT and IPMX


Gary was joined on this pre-InfoComm 2022 videocast with Matrox‘s Vice President of Sales – AV/IT Group; Americas & Asia Pacific, Samuel Recine. Matrox has its own booth (N1563) at the show but will also be demonstrating new encoding and decoding products in the IPMX/AIMS Alliance booth as well as the HDBaseT booth. It’s all […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1129: Logitech Shouldn’t Just Be a Stop at InfoComm; It Should Be Your Destination


Some AV companies look at Logitech as just an accessory manufacturer — peripherals for AV installs. However, Gary Kayye says that’s the wrong way to look at it. He points to the Logi Dock as the “secret sauce” to the future of work. Plus, with the Rally series of collaboration products, Logitech could have the strongest lineup of UC […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1128: Here’s What Epson Has Planned for InfoComm 2022


Epson never disappoints at a trade show. InfoComm 2022 will be no different. It will debut the world’s smallest (and highest) 20,000-lumen laser projector. It will also showcase a series of projectors that output 21×9 aspect ratios (and even wider) designed to fulfill the new Microsoft Teams Front Row feature as well as upcoming Zoom Room ultra-wide functionality […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1127: Here’s Everything Sony Has Planned for InfoComm 2022


Sony wasn’t at InfoComm 2021, so this will be the first time most of us will see the new CLED B- and C-Series LEDs, its new BRAVIA digital signage displays — including the new 100” LCD, and a plethora of new projectors for classrooms, meeting rooms and even larger spaces. Sony’s Rich Ventura joined Gary on the latest pre-InfoComm videocast […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1126: MAXHUB Will Debut Some Cool New Products at InfoComm 2022!


MAXHUB not only entered the UCC market just a few months ago, but did it with a Red-Dot-Design-Award-winning product, the UC M40. It’s a 360-degree hybrid meeting room camera with both video and audio AI. The company very well could win another Red Dot Award with its new Smart Lectern — an ADA-compliant touch-screen-integrated front-of-room controller with a built-in 21” LCD, […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1125: TeamBoard Relaunches Interactive Flat Panel Lineup in North American Market at InfoComm 2022


Like for many other companies in early 2020, for TeamBoard, timing was everything. The company spent thousands of dollars (globally) to launch its new lineup of IFP (Interactive Flat Panels) — including a mobile one — in early 2020 only to see momentum following ISE swallowed up by COVID. So, InfoComm 2022 will be a sort of a relaunch for […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1124: DTEN Adds AI to DTEN ME and Will Show New ONboard, D7 and Mate at InfoComm 2022


DTEN’s CMO Rick Corteville joined Gary Kayye for a pre-InfoComm videocast. DTEN will exhibit in booth W2555 at InfoComm 2022 and will add some interesting AI to its personal collaboration board, the DTEN ME, which will likely be the talk of the show (I’m serious!). In addition to being a work-from-home personal collaboration appliance, the DTEN ME is about to become […]

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InfoComm 2022 Will Explore the Pro AV Solutions and Trends for Audio and Live Events


FAIRFAX, VA – May 27, 2022 – InfoComm 2022 on June 4-10 (exhibits June 8-10) at the Las Vegas Convention Center will explore the pro AV solutions that power live events in addition to the latest advancements in audio solutions. The show will feature an extensive lineup of leading solution providers across the trade show […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1122: ScreenBeam’s New USB Pro Switch Will Be a Hit at InfoComm 2022 — Here’s Why


On the latest episode of Rants & rAVes, ScreenBeam’s senior director strategic alliances, Jay Taylor, joined Gary to talk about the latest launch, the ScreenBeam USB Pro Switch — a way to turn any MS Teams Room space into a Zoom Room, a Meet Room, a Pexip, Webex, et. al. room. It’s a unique design […]

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InfoComm 2022 Will Examine ProAV Solutions for Evolving Learning Space


InfoComm 2022 on June 4-10 (exhibits June 8-10) at the Las Vegas Convention Center will examine the ProAV solutions that drive the ever-evolving learning space. The show will feature a vast program of education sessions and leading solution providers across the trade show floor focused on enhancing the teaching and learning experience. There will also […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1120: AG Neovo Returns to InfoComm, Focuses on Digital Signage and UCC BYOM-Capable Displays


If you’re looking for a new display company to partner with, AG Neovo hopes you’ll visit booth N553 at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas next month. AG Neovo isn’t new to ProAV, but the company may well be one of the best-kept secrets in smart-display technology. Gary was joined on this pre-InfoComm videocast by AG Neovo’s product manager, Francisco Garcia, to talk about all […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1119: You May Not Know INOGENI Now, But You Will Soon


Everyone can think of at least one AV product they wish existed on the market. Well, if it has to do with USB switching or mixing HDMI and USB sources together, INOGENI probably has it. INOGENI will be at InfoComm 2022 (booth W1366) showing a handful of these new products including TOGGLE, a three-input USB 3.0 switcher; 4KX-PLUS, an HDMI-to-USB-3.0 converter for Cisco Webex […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1118: WyreStorm Will Show Its New UCC and AV-over-IP Lineup at InfoComm 2022


WyreStorm’s NHD product line is all about AV-over-IP — everything from H.264 to 10G using SDVoE and every data rate in between, too. The company will use its InfoComm 2022 booth (W339) to debut that and will also show its entire lineup of UCC products, including new cameras, mic arrays and speaker bars. WyreStorm’s Andy Herron joined Gary on this pre-show videocast […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1117: Snap One Will Center on Three Integrator-Focused Things at InfoComm 2022


2022 is proving to be Snap One’s (formerly SnapAV) biggest year in ProAV thus far. The parent company to AV brands like Access Networks, Control4, Binary, Pakedge and SunBrite (formerly SunBrite TV) also has brands like Strong (mounts), OVRC (remote management and monitoring software) and WattBox (IP and cloud-based power solutions) — all brands you should be selling into ProAV installs. All of […]

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Rants & rAVes — Episode 1116: Register For InfoComm 2022 For FREE With Code ‘RAVE’


As InfoComm 2022 is upon us (and will be here in ~three weeks), time is running out to register! In the spirit of getting ready for the show in Las Vegas, Steph Beckett joined me on the latest episode of Rants & rAVes to discuss what we’re most looking forward to at this show. We also promote […]

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