Get Ready to be Completely Blown Away by the Best Pico Projector Ever

April 8, 2015

A tiny start-up called LUMO PLAY is about to drop a killer-app (and I don’t throw that term around lightly) on the market – if they can build it. The vision of CEO Meg Athavale, LUMO integrates a pico-projector, Android software, a motion IR sensor and Wi-Fi into a wall-mounted sphere that makes any surface […]

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cAValry Rides and ISE 2015 – The Show Must Go On

December 15, 2014

After completing four episodes of The cAValry Rides! Show on rAVe RADIO, we have received accolades from many — in fact our show has been called everything from Drive Time to Morning Zoo. Our guests Tweet out after every show recording in excitement telling about their show experiences. For our latest Episode 4: Rabbits, Potholes […]

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Ube Taking Orders via Indiegogo for Wi-Fi Based Smart Dimmer

February 6, 2013

Demo 2012 People’s Choice winner Ube (pronounced “yoo-bee”), the company started by former CEDIA president Utz Baldwin has launched an Indiegogo campaign to support its Wi-Fi connected Smart Dimmer. This dimmer is designed to control household light circuits by replacing a homeowner’s current light switch or dumb dimmer, allowing full control of the lights from […]

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