Turning Users Into Heroes


It’s safe to say that just about everyone researching a product or company likes a good case study. The story. The context. The technology. Oh yeah: the marketing spin. Have you noticed that the majority of “case studies”  covered in today’s trade publications are more hype and pull quotes than meaningful examples of need/challenge/solution? Surely […]

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Who Has the Control?


A presenter. A presentation. Audio. Video. Lights. Control. This is the staple scenario for corporate, education, government and military applications in our industry. In the house of worship market, it looks identical. A pastor. A sermon. Audio. Video. Lights. But no control. In any other market, giving the presenter a control solution — from a […]

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Family Harvest Church Expands Its Media Services While Preparing for an HD Future with Blackmagic Design


What started in 1981 as a 23 person weekly Bible study above a local bank is now the 2,500 member Family Harvest Church (FHC). Based in Tinley Park, IL, FHC is a multiracial, multi generational and nondenominational church that prides itself on using technology to keep the community informed and connected, as well as gain new […]

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Church Online


It’s been said that video without lighting is just radio. The point being that it takes great lighting to make great video and a story isn’t complete without compelling audio (most of the time, at least). With YouTube stats setting records every year, we’re clearly a video-obsessed culture here in North America. It is no […]

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Re-Examining the Church Video Market


The House of Worship, or “church market,” is one of the least understood and underserved vertical segments of the audio/video/lighting industry. Over the years, manufacturers and systems integrators have had a wide range of experiences with many of the varying denominations and associate this market with a 1950’s view of church. However, of the approximately […]

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