Autonomic Adds MMS-2A Music Player to Mirage System


Autonomic has introduced the new Mirage MMS-2A music player, which delivers what the company says is reference quality high-resolution audio through three independent streams to a multi-room system with as many as 96 zones. A new generation of the company’s cloud-based media server, the MMS-2A will store, sync, schedule and stream an entire music collection […]

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Brick & Bullet Wants to Bring Affordable AVB Audio to the Connected Home


A Kickstarter campaign has been launched by, a company founded by CE veteran John Gildred, formerly of Pioneer, in order to bring to market the Brick & Bullet — what the company describes as a “low-cost Ethernet AVB switch and 24/96 live audio adapter.” The company’s goal is to bring affordable, high resolution audio, […]

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Fusion Research Intros Single-Zone Music Server


Fusion Research announced this month that it is shipping a new single-zone audio streamer called Signature. The Signature is priced very competitively at $499 retail and has an integrated DAC that allows the Signature to output at 24-bit/192KHz and is the first Ovation product to ship with Apple AirPlay capability. The Signature can be expanded […]

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Stealth Acoustics New SA2400 Includes 450-Watt Dual-Channel Amplifier with Built-in DSP


Stealth Acoustics is shipping its SA2400 dual-channel amplifier with built-in DSP. Rated at 450 watts RMS per channel, the SA2400 utilizes Stealth’s Class A/B output stages coupled to a traditional high-current power supply. The SA2400 also debuts the newly designed Stealth Signal Management System (SSMS) that allows for complete per-channel programming of advanced DSP features […]

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Jeremy Burkhardt Is Back


Controversial Jeremy Burkhardt is back… he will officially launch his new audio brand at CEDIA 2014 in Denver. The new company is called Origin Acoustics and the website shows now only a logo that is unmistakably Burkhardt’s bearded profile in silhouette. Supposedly the new company is working on a product portfolio of home theater speakers, […]

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Bay Audio Intros PTM+ Home Theater Solution With Custom On-Site Tuning


Bay Audio has introduced the PTM+ home theater solution, which pairs loudspeaker technology with collaborative specification and onsite factory tuning — what the company says are two critical stages of the theater design and build process. The Bay Audio PTM+ lineup is fully customizable to accommodate each installation since Bay Audio’s factory-trained personnel would be […]

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WiSA and ALMA Partner for Wireless Audio Standard


The Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association, an industry group dedicated to bringing wireless audio products to the home theater market, and the Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing and Acoustics International (ALMA), a not-for-profit trade association of loudspeakers manufacturers, today announced the signing of membership agreements in each other’s organizations. ALMA International and the WiSA Association […]

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NuVo App Adds Streaming


NuVo Technologies has released a new iOS feature for its Player Portfolio app that allows users to stream content stored on any iOS device directly to the NuVo system. The NuVo Player App version 1.8.1, available now for download, enables direct stream capability for iOS devices using iOS 6 or later. It supports track selection, […]

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Eighteen Sound Announces 18iD High Performance Subwoofer


Italy-based Eighteen Sound this week announced the 18iD extended low frequency neodymium transducer. The new subwoofer is engineered for maximum power transfer when operated with Class D and similar (iPal compatible) amplifiers and is designed for vented and bandpass subwoofer cabinets. It works best with amplifiers capable of delivering 2,600 watts of power (10,000-watt peak). […]

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Phase Technology Ships Teatro TSB3.0 Soundbar


Phase Technology this week started shipping a new soundbar, the ultra-thin Teatro TSB3.0, which has left, right and center channels paired with what Phase is calling two “Spatial Field Expanders (SFE).” The unit offers a passive 8 ohm design, allowing users to integrate the soundbar with their existing AV system. It incorporates two 3” mineral-filled […]

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In Ultimate Niche Move, Meridian Intros Component Headphone Amplifier


Listening to music on headphones, while on the move, is certainly the top way we experience music nowadays. But Meridian’s latest product is betting that there are enough of you out there listening to music on headphones sitting at a desk or at home that you’ll appreciate the company’s Prime Headphone Amplifier. Meridian’s Prime Headphone […]

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Sonance Ships New Visual Performance Series VP80R


Sonance has finally shipped the long-awaited VP80R Visual Performance Series entry-level one-piece round and square in-wall speaker. Designed using a micro-trim grille that makes the speaker flush with the wall, the VP80R is actually a round speaker that can be finished with either a round or square grille-adapter, depending on the decor of the home […]

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We Spotted a $200,000 Speaker at ISE in Amsterdam


While walking the Integrated Systems Europe show floor today in Amsterdam, we spotted a name that nearly everyone is familiar with: Steinway — yes, the same one that makes pianos. In case you didn’t know, the company’s been making very high-end HomeAV audio products and, specifically, speakers. We spoke with Rob Sinden, sales for Steinway […]

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Triad Speakers Ships Thin Soundbar in Nano OnWall LCR 3.0


Triad Speakers is now shipping its Nano OnWall LCR 3.0, a three-channels-in-one passive loudspeaker system (soundbar) for today’s ultra-slim TVs. The company’s thinnest soundbar to date, the $1,200 Nano measures 1.6-inches deep (including grille) by 3.25 inches high and is available in both custom widths and paint finishes and it includes a wall mounting bracket […]

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Peerless-AV Launches PeerSound Rack Mount Wireless Audio Transmission System with Remote Antenna


Peerless-AV’s new PeerSound Wireless Audio System (ADS100-B) is a rack-mountable wireless audio transmission system with a remote antenna that can send up to eight channels of audio wirelessly to receivers/speakers up to 140+ feet away. In addition, PeerSound’s remote antenna capability allows installers to move the antenna up to 10 feet away from structures that […]

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Pass Labs Intros New Mono and Two-Channel X.8 Series Amplifiers


Pass Laboratories just launched the X.8 (aka Point.8) Amplifier Series, which consists of five Class A amplifiers and four Class AB amplifiers, four two-channel and five monoblock models. The two-channel amps include the X150.8, the X250.8, the X350.8 and the XA30.8. The mono models include the X600.8, the XA60.8, the XA100.8, the XA160.8 and the […]

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TruAudio Creates Ghost In-Ceiling Speaker That Fits in Recessed Can


TruAudio has created a 4-inch version of its Ghost line of in-ceiling speakers that match the exact diameter of standard can lights. Ghost in-ceiling speakers include a magnetic grill that has a mere 2 millimeter reveal. By matching recessed can lighting, the Ghost is less noticeable as a speaker. TruAudio says this product was created […]

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Audience Ships ClairAudient 1+1 Loudspeaker


Audience today announced that it is now shipping its ClairAudient 1+1 loudspeaker. The ClairAudient 1+1 is a bi-pole (front- and rear-radiating) design in a high gloss black multi-angled enclosure with rosewood sides. The Audience A3-S driver is 3 inches in diameter but has a frequency response from 50Hz to 22kHz (depending on room placement). The company claims that it eliminates […]

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Bose Intros Wireless SoundTouch Music System


Bose is taking on Sonos head-on with its new SoundTouch system, which is available in three different sizes: the SoundTouch 30 for big rooms, the SoundTouch 20 for medium-sized rooms and the SoundTouch Portable for small rooms or portable applications. Bose tells rAVe that its SoundTouch system is a custom-wireless audio system that automatically links […]

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rAVe Scoop: Crestron Intros AIR Landscape Speakers and In-Ground Sub


Crestron is introducing a new series of AIR Landscape Speakers (LS4T and LS6T) and In-ground Subwoofer (IGS82T). The AIR family is weather- and water-proof, featuring either 4” or 6.5” coaxial drivers with built-in 70/100V transformers. The speakers can be attached to a post or wall, or staked directly into the ground. The Landscape Speakers, sold […]

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Stealth Acoustics to Debut Outdoor Subwoofer at CEDIA


Stealth is integrating its B30 invisible subwoofer speaker platform into an outdoor version in the form of the completely-sealed StingRay SR430 subwoofer. It uses eight 8-inch high power cone woofers firing actively into four independent, 512-square inch, impenetrable panel faces on the sides of the environmentally protected pedestal style box. This device uses four Stealth […]

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Extra Vegetables Shows Two-Way URC Total Control module for Sonos at CEDIA Expo


Extra Vegetables has announced that the URC Total Control module for Sonos is now available from the Extra Vegetables website. By leveraging the power of URC’s Total Control Accelerator, Extra Vegetables has enabled comprehensive two-way integration via a new module. The module is simple to install and enables the following features in Total Control: • […]

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Autonomic Unveils New Features for the Mirage Audio System


Autonomic will be demonstrating new features of the Mirage Audio System (MAS) at CEDIA, including compatibility with SiriusXM Radio 2.0, Slacker Radio and Gracenote as well as a secure Dealer Portal enabling integrators to gain remote access to their customers’ Mirage Media Servers for diagnostics and firmware updates without having to send a technician onsite. […]

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Stealth Acoustics Debuts StingRay Flat Speaker


Stealth Acoustics’ new StingRay 6 is the smallest member of the Stingray family at only 15” wide and less than 4” in depth. Like the larger StingRay 8, the Stingray 6 utilizes Stealth’s proprietary FidelityGlass solid-front radiating surface and carries an environmental protection rating of IP-68 (as measured to IEC), which ensures the StingRay’s internal […]

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JL Audio to Debut E-Series Subs at CEDIA


The JL Audio E-Sub powered subwoofers feature a new switching amplifier with a compact switching power supply. This design allows us to keep the E-Sub’s dimensions compact while delivering what JL says is ample clean power that will fully exercise the drivers’ excursion ranges. There are four versions that range from 1,200 to 1,500 watts […]

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Knoll Q450 Debuts as Four-Input, Four-Zone Amplifier


The Knoll Q450 is a four-source (inputs) and four-zone (outputs) audio amplifier for multi-room audio distribution that’s controllable via keypads a browser or an iOS or Android phone. It’s spec’d to use less than a single watt in standby mode and uses Knoll’s Eco-System. Each of the four zones or rooms can select any of […]

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